Irresistible Juicy Strawberry

Just like every other fruits possess its natural nutrients that help boost health, strawberry fruit juice is one of the best juices rich in nutrients that works synergistically and powerfully to fight against free radicals in the body. The following are more healthy benefits of adding strawberry fruit juice to your everyday diet. Rich in vitamin C: this is very good for the eyes. Regular intake of vitamin C helps to strengthen the cornea and retina of our eyes which in turn helps in preventing issues like weak eyesight, near…

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Tasty banga/ovwo soup

This South-South oil rich state is also rich in culture and tourism. We are excited about this particular journey because it is one of my favourite meals to prepare, although the best part is in the eating of course. One thing though, is that I haven’t yet figured out how to eat this delicacy with the starch. However, serve an Urhobo, Itsekiri, Ijaw or Isoko man this meal and watch them lick their fingers while making lip smacking sounds. Come with us on an exploration of this Niger-Delta state through…

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Beat weight gain with Citrus

Starting your day with warm lemon water is said by health experts to have a ton of health benefits. It helps to detoxify the internal organs by flushing out free radicals through urine. Drinking warm lemon water first thing in the morning is more beneficial than juice or alcohol that upset the internal system and raise calories in the blood stream, potentially increasing body weight. Lemon juice possess anti bacterial, antiviral and immune-building properties. It is also an essential juice that helps fight diseases and infections with high level of…

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Lunch pack banana sandwich

This is a very easy snack that would provide healthy vitamins for your child while fulfilling the sugar crave. Teach them how to prepare this too and add to the joy of eating something they prepared. Ingredients 2 slices white Sourdough bread 2 tbsp crunchy peanut butter 1 banana, sliced lengthways blueberries (optional) 15g unsalted butter 1/2 tsp ground cinnamon Pinch ground nutmeg Pinch tsp all spice Preparation Heat the butter, add the spices, and add the banana halves cut side down. Turn after 1 minute and cook for a…

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Spicy ‘drink now’ wine

With hundreds of varieties of red wine grapes, there is as much red wine information to learn about as there are red grapes planted in all corners of the globe. Gamay better known as Beaujolais, grown in the region of France is one of the finest red grape wine to indulge. That being said, you will likely encounter only a handful of these grapes most often. Gamay is a ‘drink now’ wine variety, meaning it should be consumed within a year or two after being bottled. In fact, it is…

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Plantain moi moi

I am revisiting this meal for a few reasons, chief of which is the fact that I recently went on a re-evaluation of the meals I have in my meal-cabulary because you see, I have started working out again (emphasis on again, lol) . My steps are lighter and I feel much more energetic for it. You would think you have heard or seen it all as far as Nigerian meals are concerned and then one day… boom! Another meal makes its way into your ‘meal-cabulary’. Even though you may…

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Become wine conscious

To indulge in wine is not a matter of being a beginner or an expert; we all have more to learn about wine. With that in mind, here is a 3-step personal wine challenge tailor-made for beginners. Continuous learning about wine is constant and never static as new information about a vintage keeps evolving. Many wine lovers just go to the wine bar to reach out for any wine on the counter. They feel like, ‘let me have a try’. This idea isn’t bad but it so important to acquire…

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