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Dave shakes himself out of his reverie and looks around him. He wonders what his life will be like from today.

Two ladies pregnant for him are in labour at the same time! If James had been a good husband, if he had acted as a responsible man at home, Alice wouldn’t have sought succor in his arms.

His mind travels back in time to that night, nine months ago, that fateful night… He didn’t know what to say. He had told his brother to change his ways. To pay more attention to his wife who had been suffering so much. In Dave’s befuddled state, he could do nothing. His heart ached.

The woman he wanted was not forthcoming. He swigged from the cognac bottle again and held it out to Alice. “Here, take a sip. It’ll help calm you down. I really don’t know what to say again. I’ve talked to James. I dunno what seems to be wrong with him.

But I know he will come back to his senses. I know he will. I’ve been drinking. Can’t call him now. I’m not coordinated right now,” he said, slurring over most words. She took the bottle and didn’t sip.

Instead, she took some swigs and the warm liquid burnt down her throat into her lunch-starved intestines. The effect was in her brain in minutes. She swigged another gulp and began to cry. “Hey don’t cry baby. It will be okay. I’ll talk to him in the morning…”

He moved to her and pulled her up. She leaned on his shoulders and cried. He patted her back while she cried. It’s good for her. After letting off the tears, she would feel better. He began to feel her warmth. He lifted her face and kissed her forehead, then her salty cheeks and then, he found her mouth.

He got little resistance and kissed it away. His hands rummaged in her silky blouse and found unfettered boobs. Aaaaah! He kneaded the nipples and she moaned. The feel of the pure silk fabric on their skin was heavenly. She was kissing him back now.

They held on to each other while their hands moved wildly over their bodies. They had got to the point of no return. His fingers found the single loop holding her blouse together and loosened it. He then pulled it off her shoulders and it slipped to the floor.

Few seconds later, her floral pants was hanging around her ankles. He bent and held it so she could walk out of it. He then kissed from her knees up her thighs, circumventing her honeypot, up her belly to her boobs, where he took one, then the other into his mouth. She moaned louder, tugging at his pyjamas bottoms. He waltzed her to the ottoman, sat her on it and knelt before her.

He found her mouth again and prodded it with his tongue, sucking and kissing her lower lips. Then he went lower, sucking her tits slowly, his fingers travelled lower, found her clit and rubbed softly. A soft moan escaped her mouth as his index finger slide into her warm, moist cave of wonders.

He bent lower, pushed her gently on her back and went to work between her thighs with his mouth. She let out a scream as his prodding tongue eats and sucks her labia. He drew the string of his pyjamas bottoms and slipped it off.

They lost it as his ramrod whatchamacallit’s cap hit her clit… He travelled back in time to his room on the campus. She was young and shy. He got in there for the first time or so he thought. Today, she wasn’t so tight but she’s got all the tricks.

The alcohol in their system mixed with the agony in their hearts and didn’t allow them to think of playing safe. They held on to each other, each drawing warmth and succor for their individual heartache. But the gods wouldn’t let the secret die with them. A seed was planted to remind them of that discreet but passion-filled moment.


Dave recalls that call that changed everything. Then, he shakes his head again to break his reverie. It’s full moon now and it’s time to reap what he sowed nine moons ago. He had always wanted to be in the labour room while his wife is delivered of his baby. Alice is in there, but he wouldn’t be able to stay there! He glances at James and wonders what is going on in his mind. …. James paces aimlessly in the car park.

He can’t describe how he feels. What! His wife is in labour but not for his child. She is going to be delivered of another man’s child! Whose child?

Who has been tilling his ground? He either seeks the truth and bears the shame when the bubble bursts or live the lie, knowing that another man is farming in his garden. He shakes his head again as if to shake off the shame. He paces a few steps and stops in front of Kathryn’s car. He recalls the happenings of the day and wonders if Dave suspects any fowl play.

He glances at Dave who is looking into space and wonders what is going through his mind. He is grateful that Dave was around when Alice arrived.

Dave was the one who rushed to her, helped her in and massaged her waist all through. He just hung around like a ghost that was not given a proper burial. He shakes his head and smiles. Why think of death when they are expecting new lives? Well, in the midst of life, there is death, so they say. He feels most uneasy.

A nurse rushes out. They both rush towards her. She needs something from Kathryn’s car and without thinking, James pulls out her car key from his pocket and walks to the car. Dave follows him. They got to the booth and Dave exclaims, “By Jove! What happened to this car?”

“She had an accident,” James says before realising his folly. He bit his lower lip and draws blood. “Accident? Where? How did you know?” Dave asks, confused. At that very moment, another nurse runs out and beckons on them. “What’s the…any problem…who…?”

Dave stutters. She smiles and says, “She’s been delivered of a baby…” “Who?” The two men ask in unison. They look at each other and race into the hospital. Dave, because he’s excited and James because he’s glad of that diversion.

They meet a doctor at the door of the labour room. “Congratulations, you’ve got a big boy in there,” he says, pointing to a private ward. “Who?” They ask him. “Alice. Kathryn is making progress,” he says, walking away. “Great! Dave shouts, beaming from ear to ear while James looks at him. “My guy…a son!” Dave says with pride. “A son, yes, whose son?” James asks.

“My…our son! Let’s go see them,” Dave says. As the two men enter the room, Alice looks up. The look on James’ face is not encouraging at all, but the joy on Dave’s face is infectious. He rushes to her, hugs and pecks her on the forehead. He then moves to the cot and freezes. The tiny tot is his mirror image! James sits on the edge of the bed and looks at his wife. They stare at each other. After a while, he says, “Congratulations!”

“Thank you,” Alice responds and adds, “ Won’t you see baby?” “Oh yes…yes…how are you feeling?” James asks, moving towards the baby’s crib. “I’m fine,” she says. Dave pulls back as James approaches the baby’s cot. As James beholds the tiny tot, his heart fills with joy. The baby looks so beautiful.

There’s something vaguely familiar about him. A son for him! His shame covered. He smiles. Surely, they can make amend. Alice watches him closely, wondering what is going on in his mind. Her eyes locks with Dave’s and she asks, “How is my sister?” The atmosphere changes again, “The doctors are still with her…”

The door opens and a nurse beckons on Dave. “Doctor needs you,” she says. “Oh sure,” he says. He plants a kiss on the baby’s forehead and rushes after the nurse. James plants a kiss on Alice’s lips and rushes after him. Alice watches them rush off, wondering. She mulls over the past few moments. She had noticed the transformation in James’ attitude.

His slow, but gradual acceptance of her baby. Why that? Surely, he doesn’t know that another man achieved what he couldn’t achieve in years.

He was also so warm to her. It seems that the arrival of the baby has healed their wound. But is their misunderstanding caused by her childless state? She doubts it.

James has been living his life, making himself comfortable with her wealth and the strange woman. She dwells on Dave’s excitement also. The way he is behaving, he will give them away in no time. Thankfully, James will not suspect that he isn’t responsible for her pregnancy. How wrong she is! She wishes Dave happiness.

He is the man that gave her joy…that made her conceive, thereby, removing the shame of childlessness from her. Her only prayer is that he finds joy, that Kathryn gives him a baby also so that his joy will be full. Kathryn! Why has she not been delivered of her baby? Kathryn got to the hospital before her. She hasn’t seen her though, as she was in serious labour when Kathryn arrived the hospital and was taken to the labour room immediately.

She prays for her safe delivery. It will be a double celebration. She recalls their friendship over the years and smiles. After many years apart, of not knowing where each was, they came together, united in their marriages to two brothers. And now, they have children by the same man.

That is the part she will not want to disclose with pride. Well, there’s joy knowing that they are having their babies on the same day. She looks at her son and smiles. It’s not how far but how well that matters.


Indeed, what is happening to the two men? Why hasn’t Kathryn, who got to the hospital first, been delivered of her baby? Let’s find out here on Sunday.


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