Dabota Lawson: Ex-beauty queen taunts rich ex-hubby, says I’m not poor

Dabota Lawson is glad she’s not broke after she left her billionaire ex-hubby, Sunny Aku, who allegedly told some people she would return as soon as she’s broke. Lawson has shocked many barely a year after the marriage collapsed by keeping her head up and staying relevant despite the grim prediction that she’d just got her invitation to poverty.

She packed out of her matrimonial home on Banana Island, Ikoyi, Lagos, under very fiercely rancorous circumstances and all entreaties sent to her fell on deaf ears.

The marriage was rumoured to have been badly fractured sometime in August 2015, but the couple’s romantic video released online rested the speculation. But by February 2016, the same reason alleged to have sown seed of discord between the rich Igbo man and his gorgeous wife reared its ugly head again- it was allegation of infidelity.

Lawson was alleged to have been keeping the company of someone a lot younger than her husband who’s also by far older than her. The knowledge of this infuriated the man according to multiple sources.

What else could she desire? She lived in a palatial fortress, flew around the world in the man’s private jet was the envy of many due to vast means she had access to.

It was widely reported that her husband was devastated when the lady was packing out of the house, but the scars left in his heart by the mess wouldn’t just fade, maybe forever.

Lawson dispelled this as a cruel lie from the pit of hell. But months after the showbiz community moved on to other hilarious scandals, the former beauty queen excitedly claims to be running a thriving business and to have also found love again. In a recent comment online, the lady said, “I remember when he told his friends ‘Don’t worry she only has X amount in her account, she’ll soon go broke and come back begging’.

Some believed and started telling me to go and beg now before it’s too late,” Ms. Lawson said. She lashed at her former friend, who she had accused of sleeping with her ex-hubby.

“When I had my baby in Oct 2016…some even started spreading lies about who the father of my child was (that situation I handled straight up. You remember?” She reveals the good news “God has compensated me,” she said. “He wiped my tears and answered my prayers. Now I have the most wonderful man by my side and the most beautiful daughter.”

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