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Our ordeals in the hands of killers –Victims of Zaki-Biam attack





It is exactly 16 years ago now after the bustling town of Zaki Biam, in a geographical area known as the Sankera axis of Benue State had a sour taste of Nigeria’s military might when a detachment of the Nigerian Army allegedly invaded the town in a reprisal attack for the alleged cold blooded murder of 19 soldiers sent to restore peace in the town following an ethnic violence in the area.

That attack could best be described as an ethnic cleansing considering the magnitude of the carnage that trailed the attack and the global outrage that greeted the army operation. In that operation, the entire Sankera axis was cordoned off by soldiers with an armada of armoured tanks that were given air cover by helicopter gunboats.

As that continued, the military juggernaut then, proceeded to unleash systematic terror on unarmed civilians, a type that has not been heard of or seen in Nigerian history.

At the end of that military action, no fewer than 300 persons including women, children, young and old were massacred with many of the women violated in that gory expedition.

Many properties were also destroyed at the end of it all and prominent among the victims of the attack was a former ECOMOG Leader and Chief of Army Staff, General Victor Malu, whose houses were burnt and relations killed in the invasion. Same was the fate of second Republic Speaker of the House of Representatives, Hon. Benjamin Chaha and lots of other prominent indigenes of the area.

Though Zaki Biam keeps ringing a bell when the tale of the invasion and massacre is mentioned, suffice it to state here that many other towns and communities in the Sankera axis were equally violated in a manner never witnessed in the country after the Nigerian civil war.

Some of the communities invaded and destroyed included Vaase, Gbeji and Ayilamo where up till now, the people are still leaking their wounds and counting their losses just as nothing tangible has been done by the Federal Government to bring succour to the devastated people.

While communities in the Sankera axis still ponder over that gruesome invasion, the May 20, 2017 attack appears to have opened the scars of the wounds being nursed following the carnage inflicted on the people as a result of the army invasion. But ironically, while the first attack drew soldiers from the Yola military base, the fresh one appears to be orchestrated by the enemies within.

On this fateful day, the weather was unfriendly, a sunny day indeed and all traders got up as usual, and were ready for another business of the day.

To some of the traders, the day started on a sound footing with customers pouring into their shops like a deluge of water oozing from a rock with high velocity.

But what began with beams of smiles, later metamorphosed into sad tales about 2pm as unidentified gunmen numbering more than 30, made incursions into the commercial nerve centre of Ukum Local Government Area shooting sporadically at traders and passers- by killing and wounding many people.

At that moment, several people started running helter-skelter leaving their wares at the mercy of the invaders who did not only set them ablaze, but also burnt down over 150 houses including a petrol filing station.

Frankly speaking, the fierce attack was like a nightmare as hordes of residents deserted the area in droves, carrying goods either on their heads or on ramshackle vehicles to escape from the scene of the attack.

Sporadic shootings started renting the air about 2pm when the invaders stormed the town on 12 Bajaj motorcycles and four Toyota corolla cars popularly called ‘Dog Nyash’ and first entered the popular international yam market and opened fire on the helpless traders including food vendors with many of them reportedly killed.

A student who registered for the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination, (UTME) conducted by the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board, (JAMB), was also felled by the bullets of the killers. Children between the ages of four and 10 were also not spared in the operation which lasted for over two hours. By the time the reign of terror had ended, most streets in the area were filled with the corpses of the victims.

The corpses were taken to the morgue at the Saint Anthony’s Hospital, the General Hospital as well as NKST Hospital all in Zaki- Biam, while those injured were taken to the Light of Grace Hospital and Maternity.

The reason for the attack could not be ascertained immediately but insiders linked it to alleged leadership tussle and prolonged dominance and control of the market by some power brokers.

The sentiment also assumed some political dimensions as some Ukum locals felt they were being shortchanged by their immediate neighbours. One notable fact is that Ukum Local Government is the territory of one notorious wanted armed militant leader identified as ‘Gana’ whom the Governor Samuel Ortom’s administration granted amnesty. The militant leader and his gang surrendered over 84 raffles to the state government.

The government appointed him to head the collection of revenue from farm produce on its behalf, but later suspected of involvement in other criminal activities such as kidnapping, cow rustling and killing of innocent people including the Governor’s Senior Special Assistant on Special Security, Mr. Denen Igbana in Tionsha, a suburb village within Makurdi metropolis.

Ortom, in an interview with journalists in Zaki-Biam during a visit to assess the level of devastation, blamed the latest attack on Gana and his gang.

“Our suspicion is clear that this act is perpetrated by Gana and his group who constitute themselves in to a terror group and have been terrorising the people”, said the governor.

The governor, who was conducted round two hospitals by the Sole Administrator of the local government area, expressed shock over the broad day attack.

He directed that some victims whose cases were very critical be moved to the Benue State University Teaching Hospital for continuation of treatment with a promise to bankroll their hospital bills, and promised to assist families of those who lost their loved ones to bury them. Our correspondent who visited some of the hospitals housing the survivors including Saint Anthony’s Hospital and the Light of Grace Hospital and Maternity all in Zaki-Biam among others had stories to tell as most of them recount their ordeals: I was almost burnt – Godwin Mrs. Mercy Godwin, a housewife and mother of four said she was in her shop where she sells pounded yam when she was attacked.

“I was in my shop and around 2 o’clock, three hefty and fierce-looking young men dressed in military uniforms, accosted me demanding I should surrender the whole money I sold for the day to them. I refused to comply, then one of them corked his riffle to shoot me but ended up injuring me on the hand.

They further inquired to know if I were Tiv by tribe, but I told them I am not, but actually I am a Tiv woman. I did that to save my life. They spoke English with me throughout.

The next thing they did was they locked me and some women in my shop, brought fuel to burn us inside, but one of them intervened and stopped the idea. As I speak with you, they destroyed everything I have in my shop in Zaki-Biam here. That is what happened to me and I thank God Almighty for saving me in the hands of the killer group.

I have only one cloth left –Aondohemba

Mrs. Hembafan Aondohemba, a mother of three also narrated her ordeal to our correspondent. According to her, when she heard the sporadic shooting, she asked what was happening and after been informed she started running home for her dear life when the invaders spotted her and fired on her thigh. “I am a food vendor at the Zaki-Biam Market.

So, when I heard that some hoodlums have invaded the town and were killing people, I started running home. “And because they were at every nook and cranny of the town, they saw me as I was running and aimed their riffle at me and shot me on my leg.

“As if that was not enough, they proceeded to my house and set it ablaze. My husband had travelled for a business trip when the incident occurred and because I had no power to struggle and remove some of my belongings, everything we have was consumed in the inferno.

“See the clothes I am wearing on my hospital bed, this is all I have for now. I am appealing to the Governor of Benue State and other philanthropic individuals to come to the aids of the victims.”

Killers came on motorcycles –Lyamhuan

Mr. Ayem Lyamhuan is a popular commercial motorcyclist in Zaki-Biam town who was also not spared. “I carried a passenger and dropped at his residence and on my way back, I was told gunmen in army attires are shooting and killing innocent people anyhow. “I rode past two of them, one was at the front and he was the one that shot me at thigh of my left leg.

They were killing both women, children and even older people anyone their eyes catch, they will kill or injure badly. “My major source of livelihood is the okada which I do to feed my family and train the children most of which are in school. Now I am lying in bed here in the hospital and I am wondering how they would be coping with life.

“Some of the killers were moving on Bajaj motorcycles while others were walking and carrying out the heinous act. I thank governor Ortom for his visit to see things for himself and appeal to him to assist us for the treatment because we alone cannot be able to meet the charges here.”

Vital organs of some of the victims affected, says doctor

Our correspondent also spoke with the Chief Medical Doctor of the Light of Grace Hospital and Maternity, Dr. Chukwunonso Bartholomew, who confirmed at the time of visit that seven persons including women and children who sustained terrible injuries were brought to the hospital for treatment. “All the ones (patients) brought here are still alive we are to do the initial resuscitation.

What we are doing now is to transfer them to specialist hospitals where their cases would be adequately handled. As you can see with some of them, very vital organs were affected”.

Herdsmen not responsible for the attack –Makama

The Benue State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Bashir Makama, has exonerated marauding Fulani herdsmen from the attack on Zaki-Biam saying it is more of communal.He said: “Well, investigation has just commenced and we were all with you in the hospital, you saw it yourselves. Seventeen deaths were recorded and about 11 injured persons including three children.

“And of course just like I said, this is not the Fulani herdsmen kind of crisis but this is more of communal. And again, I don’t see it as communal because nothing is in contest but I see it as common criminal who have come to create terror in the minds of people in this place and we are going to follow them.”

When asked if Gana was involved in the attack, he added: “Information is trickling in actually because even at the time of this incident, somebody mentioned his name that he had arrived and you know, Gana is just a common criminal that everybody knows his antecedents.”

Police not enough to secure Zaki-Biam, says Ortom

Meanwhile, the governor has cried out that security operatives especially the police are not enough to provide security to residents of Zaki-Biam. He said, “Our suspicion is clear that this act is perpetrated by Gana and his group who constitute themselves into a terror group and have been terrorising the people.

“This is not the first time, he has been killing. He killed civilian JTF, he killed vigilante group members, killed traditional rulers, killed his uncles, and has been killing all over the place. “Just last week, about eight people were killed in Ayati, same in Ukum local government and the latest being the attack on a market in Zaki-Biam.

It’s a shame and I want to take it up with the communities from Sankera. I am going to invite them to a meeting and the traditional rulers who are the custodians of the land I will give them an ultimatum to produce him (Gana) because he is still residing in Gbishe area specifically in Katsina-Ala local government area. Security should be the responsibility of all, not just security agencies or the government it should be all of us working together to achieve it.

The police are not enough to provide security and at the same time do intelligence gathering and provide information. The people must be willing to do it. You can imagine the consequences of living with a terrorist like Gana.

We are going to hold a Security Council meeting where more decisive actions would be taken based on professional advice that will be given to us.” Ortom assured the people that security would be beefed up in the area to avoid a recurrence.

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Metro and Crime

Ex-soldier stabs nephew to death over inheritance



Mrs. Uche Oyebajo was a picture of grief as she recounted how a retired soldier killed her 50-year-old husband, Adeniyi Oyebajo, leaving her a widow and her children fatherless.
Even as she told the haunting story of death and loss, tears filled her eyes. She tried to control the tears, but lost the battle midway through her story.
According to her, her husband was killed by none other than his 70-year-old Uncle, Gbolahan Ajasa, a retired soldier.

The grieving widow said Ajasa stabbed Adeniyi to death after he tried to stop the former from fighting his sister, Madam Olatubosun, who incidentally is Adeniyi’s mom.
Ajasa was alleged to have jumped on Adeniyi from behind, wielding a knife, moments after the deceased attempted to make peace between sister and brother.

Weeping silently, Uche said: “I was in the sitting room with my children when I heard my husband’s voice that night. I came out to check; I noticed he had gone back to where the quarrel was going on. I followed him to the next compound, which was close to ours.

The compound is where his uncle, Gbolahan lives. I noticed that the two of them was arguing over an issue. When I noticed what was going between them, I held my husband’s shirt and begged him not to go to the old man’s house.

“He listened and followed me. As we were leaving, Uncle Gbolahan sneaked from behind and stabbed my husband in the stomach. There was no power supply that night. I thought my husband was urinating on his body. It was when he moved a bit that I saw blood gushing out of his stomach. His intestines were out and dangling. I was turned into a widow and my children orphans. I’m a full time housewife. I don’t want my husband to die in vain.”
Ajasa was alleged to have killed his nephew with a poisonous knife at Lowa area of Ikorodu, Lagos State.

Ajasa was allegedly fighting his sister over a property, when Adeniyi came to make peace. The property, which was under dispute, was inherited from their late father.
Adeniyi was with some his friends at a nearby beer parlour in the community on the fateful day, when his mother called him on the phone that his uncle had started fighting her again.
The incident, which occurred on Sunday about 9p.m., was said to have thrown the community into mourning.

Adeniyi’s younger brother, Mr. Adeleke Oyebajo, explained that his late brother was with friends when their mother called him on the phone to come and rescue her from her brother.
He said: “My mother is the first child of their parents. She advised her other siblings to give their late father’s house, located at Ladega area of Ikorodu, to a developer to develop it. They all agreed to go with whatever she said since she is the eldest.

“Unfortunately, when she approached Uncle Gbolahan, a retired soldier, to inform him of what she discussed with their siblings, he picked up a quarrel with her. He held my mother’s clothes and threatened to beat her. Just to avoid trouble, she called my elder brother to come and pacify Uncle Gbolahan and to also reason with him.

“Immediately my brother received the phone call from our mother, he left what he was doing. He went straight home. When he got home, he met sister and brother exchanging words. He persuaded the retired soldier to go into his apartment.

“My brother was coming out from Uncle Gbolahan’s apartment, when Uncle Gbolahan suddenly came from behind and stabbed him in the stomach. It was the screams of my brother that alerted people that something was wrong. He was rushed to the hospital, but died on the way.”
It was learnt that another man, Gbenga, who attempted to confront Ajasa, was also inflicted with knife cuts by Ajasa.

When Ajasa realised what he had done, he quickly dashed to Igbogbo Police Station, to report that armed robbers attacked him. He also told the police that he killed one of the armed robbers and inflicted injuries on two.
Ajasa was still at the police station, writing his statement when Adeniyi’s distraught mother, Olatubosun, got to the station. When she sighted her brother, she cried out and begged police not to allow him to escape, that he had just murdered her son. Ajasa was immediately arrested and detained.

Some youths in the community, who were irked by Adeniyi’s death, embarked on a protest and vandalised the home of Ajasa.
Adeniyi’s daughter, Happiness, described her late father as a “friend and a father.”

She said: “I was in school when I got a phone call from my cousin that my father had been stabbed. I became restless. It’s not going to be easy with my father dead; but I know that with God everything will be fine.”
A resident, who does not want his mentioned, said: “The death of Adeniyi was a big loss to the community. He was an easy going man. We were together on the fateful day before he was killed. I’m urging the police to investigate the matter and not sweep it under the carpet.”

Ajasa was on February 19 arraigned before an Ebute Meta Magistrates’ Court in Lagos for the murder of his nephew. The Magistrate, Mrs. O. O. A. Fowowe-Erusiafe, ruled that Ajasa would have to remain in prison custody pending receipt of legal advice from the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP). The plea of the accused was not taken.

Earlier, the prosecutor, Sergeant Courage Ekhueorohan, said the offence violated Section 222 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State, 2015. The case has been adjourned till March 19.

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Metro and Crime

Tenant kidnaps landlady’s children, disappears



A female tenant has disappeared after kidnapping two children of her landlady at the Okedogbon area of Owo, headquarters of Owo Local Government Area of Ondo State.
The tenant was alleged to have carried out the act seven days after she moved into the landlady’s house, which is located at Okedogbon area of Owo.

The two kids identified as Ayomide Olamilekan, six months old and Blessing Olamilekan, two years old, were abducted and taken to an unknown destination by the tenant who was said to be quite friendly with the children.
A source said the tenant and a man suspected to be her husband rented a room apartment from the mother of the abducted children, Mrs. Abimbola Olamilekan, and paid six months’ rent.

The source said the landlord did not have any information about the tenant up till the time she absconded with her kids, neither did she know any of the tenant’s relative in the town. It was, however, learnt that the kidnappers were from the South-South region of the country.

The lady was said to be washing clothes at the back of the building, when the tenant offered to assist her in taking care of her babies, since they were disturbing their mother. The tenant took the kids and vanished into thin air.

The source said: “The incident happened exactly seven days after the tenant and her husband moved to the house. The mother of the abducted kids was washing clothes at the back of the house and the six months old was crying. The tenant came around and offered to assist the mother to mind the crying baby. As she carried the baby on her back, the second child too was also crying, so she took her along. She told their mother that she wanted to go and buy biscuit for them in a nearby grocery shop.

“The mother released her babies to her and it was after several hours that the tenant did not return with her babies that she raised the alarm.”
Another source said that after some days that the tenant and the husband did not return to the house, the search party in the area broke into the kidnappers’ room in the house, but found only bed sheet on the floor.
The state Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), Mr. Femi Joseph, confirmed the incident.

The PPRO said that the whereabouts of the kids and their abductors remained unknown as at the time of filing this report.
He said: “The mother of the victims had been invited, but she told us that she had no personal details of the tenant before giving her and her husband the apartment. This is wrong and careless. We’re still on it; we have commenced investigation into the incident. We will try our best to get the children back and arrest the kidnappers.”

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Metro and Crime

SFU probes two banks, arrests operations, manager over



Detectives attached to the Police Special Fraud Unit (SFU), Milverton, Ikoyi, Lagos, are investigating a new generation bank and a micro-finance bank for complicity in the diversion of N3 million.
The police launched the investigation after receiving a petition from a complainant, who wouldn’t like to be mentioned.

The petitioner stated that the stolen money was precisely N3,159,400.10k.
According to the police, Mr. Vincent Esiekpe, has been in connection with the crime. Esiekpe is a former worker of the complainant.

Esiekpe was alleged to have gone to one of the complainant’s clients, identified as China Shipping Limited, and while pretending that he was still working with his former company, collected a bank draft of over N3 million meant for his former employee’s company.

The crime was discovered after the complainant, tired of waiting for China Shipping Limited to send his bank draft, decided to call them. He was shocked when he was told that Esiekpe had collected the draft. Incidentally, China Shipping Limited didn’t know that Esiekpe no longer works with the complainant.
After several efforts to locate Esiekpe failed, the complainant went to the SFU. The police tracked and arrested him.

A police source said: “Esiekpe diverted the bank draft. He cashed it through a micro-finance bank. But it was cleared through a new generation bank located at the Ojota area of Lagos State. Although the new generation bank said it was ready to pay the complainant the money because the micro-finance bank had indemnity of N5 million with the bank, but the micro-finance bank appears to be discouraging it from playing ball. They might all have to be charged to court.

“The draft is actually that of a Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB), we don’t understand why another bank had to clear it. Any draft, not directly linked to a particular bank, where it was assigned to, should be viewed and handled with care. Bank drafts that need clearing should be verified.”

The police source added that after Esiekpe stole the draft, he went through some people to ensure it was cleared and that he got cash.
“The suspect went to the person who knows about the business. The person introduced him to the micro-finance bank.”
It was learnt that the police also arrested the operation’s manager of the new generation bank, identified as Richard.
Richard reportedly said: “Our bank has been clearing draft for other banks for years.”
Investigators also discovered that Esiekpe allegedly gave his friend’s account detail for the money to be paid. The friend, identified as Ademola, owns a company. Esiekpe told Ademola that he was expecting some money and needed an account to pay it into. Ademola obliged him.
When the draft cleared, the money was paid into Ademola’s account. Ademola later transferred the money to Esiekpe’s account.
Police said Esiekpe had admitted committing the crime. He also reportedly said: “I knew the draft was meant for the former company I worked for. I took the draft and cashed the money because of a problem I was facing. My friend, Ademola, is innocent of this crime.”
Esiekpe was said to have taken the draft to one Mbaize, begging him to assist him in ensuring it was cleared. Mbaize took it to Emeka, who took it to the micro-finance bank. The micro-finance bank channelled it to the first generation bank, where it was eventually cleared.
When the money was shared, Esiekpe got over a million naira, the micro-finance bank got N200,000, Emeka also got over a million naira and a lady identified simply as Mercy, who is at large, got N700, 000. Police said they were looking for Mercy and Emeka.

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