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Body waxing, pros and cons



Body waxing, pros and cons

Women love to look and feel beautiful, and what do they love more than that? Being told they look/ feel beautiful.

This is why we are on an endless mission all the days of our lives to look/feel as beautiful as we can possibly manage.

One of the grueling experiences we often put ourselves through is waxing. Before you jump unto a waxing spree, it will do you much good to consider the pros and cons of this experience.


•A basic perk for undergoing that painful or for some uncomfortable experience is the lack of hair for longer periods of time than regular shaving. This is because you actually pull the hair from the roots and it takes longer for the follicle to grow back.

•After a period of frequent waxing, the hair becomes finer. It loses the thickness that you get in between shaves. So that even if your hair grows out a bit, you are less likely to see or feel it.

•It is less time consuming than shaving, especially when you shave all over your body. With waxing, you get to lay back and let someone else do the work and it takes longer to get another wax than shaving every two to three days.

•It gets rid of the black stubble, or reduces it tremendously. •Brazilian waxes include waxing your labia and butt crack. This is done better with waxing than with a razor.

•No more issues like razor cuts or burns


•You have to let your hair grow out, so that you have something for the wax to hold onto

•Waxing can increase your risk of an STD/STI. Your hair often acts as a barrier of sorts, when you have nothing down there, you increase your risk of infection.

•Waxing is definitely more expensive than buying a razor to shave or some shaving cream. Some people are resourceful and can use coconut oil or conditioner to shave.

•Waxing can cause very bad and painful ingrown hairs that are difficult to deal with. Though you also get this from shaving, this is more annoying when you consider how much you spent to get it.

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