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Divine touch



Divine touch

“And Jesus, immediately knowing in himself that virtue had gone out of him, …said, Who touched my clothes…? Mark5:30-31

There are so many who are struggling today because the enemy has touched a particular part of their lives. The remedy to their problem is a divine touch from the Lord. John 6:5-13 The devil is always after those things that give people joy, but Jesus came to destroying the wicked works of the devil and restore all that was stolen in the lives of men.

“Have pity upon me,… O ye my friends; for the hand of God hath touched me.” Job 19:21

In life, there are different types of touches; there is the touch of the emptiers of destiny, touch of bondage, confusion, etc. There are hands that touch people and make them cry. God is touching you today to correct all the enemy has done in the name of Jesus. Jacob received a divine touch and his destiny changed forever.

There is a touch you must receive from heaven if your life must take shape and fulfil destiny. Jeremiah 1:9. When God touches your mouth, you’ll never lack the right words, you’ll speak words in season, relevant words that will give you uncommon breakthrough and open closed doors. I Kings 19:5; II Kings13:20-21

The bones of a dead prophet raised the dead. Once you encounter the anointing in any way, you experience resurrection of anything dead in your life.

If the bones of a dead prophet can do such wonders, then a touch from a living prophet of God can do more if only you believe. This woman in Matthew 9:20 was very smart! There are no too many smart people these days who know how to touch God. Smart people know how to touch God even when God has not touched them.



Luke 18:1. When we pray we touch God. If your generation must hear and know that you are born, then you must touch God through prayer. Don’t stop praying; soon you will touch God even if He doesn’t touch you. Jeremiah 33:3 Everybody touched Jesus but didn’t receive anything because they expected or desired nothing, but that woman touched Him and received her long-awaited miracle.


John 4:24. As big as God is, He cannot worship Himself. When you give to God what He cannot give to Himself, God in return gives to you what you cannot give to yourself. God is seeking for true worshipers who will worship Him in spirit and truth. True worshipers touch God and touch their world through their impact.


Psalm 126:1-5. A stingy is a snare to his own family.

He cannot fight and win spiritual battles because his enemies don’t approach their altar empty-handed. When you carry sacrifice in your hands your enemies turn back. When you approach your altar with sacrifice in your hands, your victory is certain.

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