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I sowed with tears



I sowed with tears

II remember an incidence in my life. I was a science student, wrote my West African School Certificate Examinations in May/June, 1974 and made grade 1. I applied for Rivers State Government Scholarship and I was given the award to read chemical Engineering. I also applied for Federal Government Scholarship and was awarded to read Petro-Chemical Engineering.

There was no JAMB then, so I applied to some Universities for admission. One day my friend who was in University of Benin, Benin city, came to me to convince me to read Education so as to work among the youths and convert them to God. I was convinced and changed my scholarship from Petro-Chemical Engineering to Education (Physics).

In my first year in the University, I wept for two Semesters. Why did I weep? I knew Petro- Chemical Company was coming to my place and I knew I would work there, build estates and make a lot of money.

I knew I would reach to top of my profession I ventured into.

I could see the plan of my estates and other structures. I could imagine the money I would have in my accounts; I could imagine the vehicles and residential house I would set up.

Suddenly, I did not know what made me agree to switch over to Education. In the first and second years of the University, I wanted to change my course but could not. I remembered, however, that I changed my career to Education because of Jesus Christ, who I wanted to win souls for. I know I planted seed by that decision, and with tears. I saw what I was about to forgo – real wealth.

However, I have no regrets with rejoicing, bringing their sheaves with them (Psalm 126:6).

Until you give with tears, you will not understand Psalm 126, and will find it difficult to understand fully what is meant by “coming again with rejoicing, bringing their sheaves with them”.

A lady asked her father who retired from Civil Service what he left for her and her siblings.

The man said he could not build a house because he was a man of integrity. He suspected that civil servant to have cheated; the lady insulted the father and after a while the man died.

The lady being a graduate sought for work and was invited for interview.

As soon as she mentioned her surname, the head of the company inquired of the father and said that her Dad put her in that position without demanding for money or bribe like many others would do. Without interview she was given the appointment.

Within three months, the lady rose higher because of the name of the father. What happened? Her father sowed with tears and the lady and other children rejoiced. Nothing goes or nothing.

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