Joy at Abule Egba

For residents of Abule Egba, sorrow may last for a night, but joy cometh in the morning. Finally, their months and perhaps years of agony on the rough roads have finally been wiped off with the near completion of the road. The usually crowded area of Lagos is now witnessing a new development with a construction of a fly over bridge and expansion of road in and out of Abule Egba. The roads are not only expanded, they are also tarred. Hence, driving becomes smooth and gridlock is almost becoming history.

Years ago, Abule Egba, a densely populated area due to affordable standard of living was one of the ‘no-go-areas’ due to heavy and confused traffic. It is only natural for Abule Egba to witness such gridlock because it is also like a transit route to other states like Ogun for instance, to Sango-Ota leading to Idiroko, a border community to Cotonue, Benin Republic.

Then, residents calculate their movement time, and those who couldn’t bear the pains of the hustles and bustles of the traffic. Couple with this type of stress, were water-well like potholes on the roads giving uncomfortable rides back and forth Abule Egba.

However, luck smiled on Abule Egba as the roads became expanded, a huge and large bridge became constructed, the face of that place changed completely! It is now looking beautiful and completely different from what it is used to be.

Lagos residents, motorists and passers- by are not only admiring the new look, they are also praising the Governor, Akinwunmi Ambode for his hard work in planning, constructing the fly over bridge and the expansion of roads. Workers Modas Ibrahim, the site manager told New Telegraph that there were lot of a challenges they faced during the project. “But, I am privileged to be the site manager of such a gigantic project.

I feel more proud when I see the passersby looking at the fly over bridge with utmost admiration. I must confess that I feel excited,” he said. Ibrahim assured Lagosians that the project would no doubt reduce traffic in the area. He added that the project would be completed before next month ending-

May and be opened to use to celebrate the Lagos festival anniversary @ 50. Ogunbayo Olusegun, a Safety officer explained that the fly over bridge will reduce the large number of traffic and it will reduce the rate of accidents recorded on the road before now. It will also reduce the pressure the people are experiencing.

He added that the good news is that, there are roads’ connection alongside the construction. “Honestly, it is a great blessing to be part of the new development in Abule Egba. I really praise the governor.” Residents For Iyinola Badmus, it is a good development and a relief to see a new era in Abule Egba “and we really appreciate the hard work of the government towards his citizens. Abule Egba is now seen as one of the beautiful communities with a prefect  fly over bridge, according to her.

“The fly over bridge will reduce the rate of traffic because different drivers as already knew where they have to take to their route. “I am very happy with this development, my mind is now rest assured. The rate of traffic that usually occur will reduce. Even the hoodlums that fight each other and enter streets will also reduce.”

Badmus praised the governor on his hard work in Lagos and gave him kudos. Seun Demola exclaimed, “wow, beautiful without its completion yet. It is a good and loving development in Abule Egba. I am now more comfortable and rest assured that there will no longer be traffic because there will also be presence of traffic light.”

Demola advised the people to be more cautious at the issue of pick pocket after the completion of roads and fly over bridge saying, “we have to hold our bags and belonging so tight so that pick pockets will not have smooth operation while harassing passersby.” Jeremiah Ayoola said the development in Abule Egba is the best thing ever to happen to the area. “Abule Egba without its completion is looking beautiful. The fly over bridge and the expansion of the road is beneficial to both the passersby and the resident within the community.”

Ayoola narrated the usefulness of the flyover bridge and the expansion on road saying the expansion on the road will allow ease flow of passersby to move without pushing each other, vehicles will also go by the various lines, mapped out thereby avoiding traffic.

Ayoola complained about the issue of traders saying “the only issue we have here are the traders; they are not the ones but during their busy times some thieves will take the opportunity to start stealing from the buyers. We pleaded to the governor to find more suitable place for the traders.” Damilare Ajayi, one of the roadside traders told New Telegraph that it is not their desire to sell by the roadside but the exorbitant prices of the shops made it unaffordable.

“With this development, we are indeed hopeful that the government will provide shops with low cost price for us,” she said.

TRADERS Majuola Toriba said: “The development is a good thing. We cannot do anything if the governor chases us away but we hope the government will find possible solution to help the traders.” Toriba commended the state government over the fly over bridge saying “this fly over bridge and expansion of roads will really reduce traffic that has become a nightmare on this road.”

Essie Jude said: “We are incredibly grateful to the governor for the project but they should also consider we the market women. We know the governor is really trying his best but they also have to find solution to the traders. There is no job out there; many of our youths are roaming the streets aimlessly because there is no job.” Jude pleaded with the governor to support them and assist them in providing a space for the traders so they can continue their businesses.




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