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Book Title: The Story of Anna P as Told by
Author: Penny Busetto
Pagination: 155
Publisher: Jacana Media
Year of publication: 2014
Reviewer: Adeniyi Taiwo Kunnu

Penny Busetto, perhaps unknowingly touches on the very core of man’s humanity.

Although, she sets this fictive work on course with a female protagonist, there are copious layers of what constitute the mould of all men. She demonstrates an understanding of the living, the dead and the unborn.

Life according to deep researches and knowledge divides stages of phenomenal experiences in three major parts viz: Morning, Afternoon and Night.

The Story of Anna P as Told by Herself unveils its contents thus, Book of the Present, Book of Memory and Book of the Future.

The realities of our present cannot be argued as being products of the crystallisation of the ‘arguments and counterarguments’ of the past, being either veiled or left penetrable depending on what side the ‘possessor’ of the memory wishes to put into public glare.

The present described, the past reflected but the future could not be left hanging as it is either the juncture and pathway to solace or the harbinger of impediments.

Anna P’s existence on a cold and sparsely occupied rocky top by the sea spells a situation, which suggests that one may be in hiding from something or that life and its attendant challenges have pushed one to the precipice.

The ‘Cruel Island’, as one may choose to call it, is devoid of love and warmth which, perhaps, could have propped up Anna’s intention to stay, even if ‘temporary yet lengthy’.

The pervasive monotony of her life is heightened by the temporariness of her teaching job. It may be hopeful to be employed on a temporary basis at the outset, but when days crawl into weeks; and months roll into another and before long, two decades stuck in one’s throat.

“The local school needed an English teacher and I was asked to stand in until the ministry in Rome appointed someone.

But that was 20 years ago. I have lived all these years in uncertainty, knowing only that any day the real teacher may arrive.”

If work is void of reprieve, her home equally defies the thought about charity beginning from there; with the conditions given by Signora Bruna (her landlady), which further entrenches her loneliness and gloom.

On page 5, the rules unfold thus: No television or radio No noise after 8pm and before 7am One hot bath a week.

One cold shower a day Rent to be paid strictly one month in advance on the first day of the  month.

Thirty days’ notice required. Needful to state is the immediacy of constraints to her thoughts.

Symbolically, one’s shelter should at least represent peace, but being mindful of the various regulations ordinarily replaces cheer with jeer as if her life were replete with errors.

Despite her aloneness and loneliness, she demonstrates the quality of an impermeable fabric, even when water is poured over its surface. S

he lives in the house and daily for two decades and counting, teaches English at the local primary school in Ponza.

It is said that a silver lining crosses the sky no matter how dark, and this is definitely the case with Anna, who finds consolation in the resilient association with Ugo, her pupil.

He perhaps, through innate perception, realises the synonyms of their problems and as such, the attraction to his teacher.

While Ugo’s uncle and aunt makes a mess of the child’s life at home, Leonardo and Matteo, his fellow pupils bully the normalcy out of his already miserable childhood.

An unsettling happening however occurs in ‘The Present’ when, as she makes to leave school for home on one of her routines, Signor Capi, the principal, hands her a letter from Ispetorre Lupo, requesting that she makes an appearance at polizia di stato, Questura di Roma.

The tentacles of the present may have dug up the past she very so often forgets or that she is willing never to remember.

Why would the police be looking for her? What could they possibly be looking for?

These are not mere rhetoric because ‘Her Memory’, which is her past, becomes a subject in the bull’s eye.

Recollection of abusive experiences make up the composition of Anna’s past.

As against what was initially believed that she hails from England, the retrospections in South Africa, her original homeland makes the taste buds feel tingly and the mien rattled due to numerous unsavoury details.

The first of her downward spiral started, yet again, at home.

A young Anna became deflowered by her father, who later got pushed to his death by her, having drunk himself stuporous, relentlessly abusing without the least remorse.

The line of abuse continued when a cousin named Luke stayed at their home while in the university.

He took advantage of her love for books; thus opening her up to the many ills which later characterize her life.

She falls further into severe depression and mental problems, owing to her father’s death, keeping hush and suffering an implosion from the weight of the repeated abuse suffered and her father’s death by her hands.

On page 20, the author writes enters Anna P’s mind: “For a long time nobody notices. You can get by on nods and shakes of the head….

She can of course understand and thoughts still course through her brain using words.

It isn’t that she has lost the ability. It is just that language as communication has become impossible, too painful, too dangerous….”

She just knows that she feels unsafe and ashamed, so she withdraws to a place deep inside herself

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Yesterday, Ifu Ennada had called out the popular rapper, accusing him of dumping her after sacrificing so much for his music career.

She claimed the singer forgot about her after attaining stardom.

According to Ifu Ennada, she was just 17 when she “sponsored” CDQ, gave him money meant for her handouts, school fees, and also gave him tickets to VIP event. Only for her to be used and dumped.

She said it was not about the money but about the sacrifices she made for him.

But reacting to Ifu’s claim, the musician described her as a one-night-stand, asking her to seek for promo the right way instead of talking “bullsh*t.

CDQ Olowo wrote on his Instagram, “I’m a self made. Dm or contact my management if you need free promo not by saying bullshit (sic).

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Winner of last year’s Big Brother Naija, Efe Ejeba, has lashed out at Nigerians who say they regret voting for him.

Efe, who has ventured into music since the show ended, took to his Twitter page to blast fans who have been criticizing his songs from the EP, ‘AmSorryAmWinning’.

He wrote: “For all those saying they regret voting for me, i entertained you and your money expired the day the show ended. #AmSorryAmWinningEp

“Thank you to those who have been 1000% with me from day one… your genuine support has kept me thus far through God’s grace… keep supporting the music… so we keep winning… #AmSorryAmWinningEp”

Efe won the coveted N25million prize money and an SUV after three months in the Big Brother house.


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Banky W shutdown EME, re-brands record label



Pop artiste Bankole Wellington (aka Banky W), has announced the rebranding of his record label, Empire Mates Entertainment (E.M.E.).

E.M.E. was the starting record label for popular names in the music industry including Wizkid, Skales and Niyola.

He said the E.M.E is now a full-fledged Media Agency which will focus on creative Marketing, Advertising, PR, Brand Events/Activation’s, and talent management.

The singer on Tuesday shared the news in a two-part Instagram post via his account @bankywellington, where he recounted the history of the label and the decision to redefine it.

After nine years of operation in Nigeria’s music industry, the singer and actor said it became necessary to shutdown the label in January 2017, due to the restructuring.

According to him, E.M.E.’s business venture will now be marketing, advertising, public relations, branding, shooting of television commercials and documentaries.

He also added that the agency is not restricted to music artists, but will also cater for creative people in other areas such as sports, radio and television; and acting.

Banky W named his wife Adesua Etomi, DJ Xclusive, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, Host of the BBNaija 2018 `Double Wahala’ TV show and Tolu ‘Toolz’ Oniru as the first set of clients of the rebranded company.

He wrote: “We have played our little part in helping discover/boost the careers of a number of talents in the music business (some of your favourite artists, producers and engineers).

“In January, 2017, after nine years of being in the Nigerian music industry, we decided it was time to quietly close the record label arm of our business.

“Essentially, we have restricted our business and instead of operating just as a record label, we have expanded and changed our focus a bit.

“This switch in focus has been amazing and fulfilling behind the scenes, we have been able to impact the launching and marketing of a number of brands and companies the way we did artists.

“But even in the talent management side, we are no longer restricted to working with just music artists.

“We still work with musicians, but also work with On Air Personalities, actors, and evaluating sports management as well.’’

E.M.E. was founded by Banky W and his best friend, Tunde Demuren in 2002 while they were at the university in New York.

Wizkid reportedly parted ways with E.M.E in February 2013, to start his own label ‘Starboy’.

Skales also moved on from E.M.E. following the expiration of his contract.

The label was best known for its 2013 compilation album ‘Empire Mates State of Mind’.


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