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My charms failed –Billionaire kidnapper



  • Evans’ mum missing, says uncle
  • I would have stopped him –Dad


Billionaire kidnapper, Chukwumeme Onwuamadike aka Evans, yesterday disclosed that his arrest would not have been possible but for his charms which failed at the last minute. This came as family members denied knowing the whereabouts of Evans’ mother, Mrs. Chinwe Onwuamadike. Evans said he had believed in the efficacy of the charms of his native doctor, based in Nnewi, Anabra State.

The native doctor, according to him, is a traditional ruler. He was described as the backbone of Evans’ criminal activities, egging him on and telling him that no policeman born of a woman would ever be able to catch or arrest him. According to Evans, after policemen stormed his Igando residence, where he used to keep victims, leading to gang members fleeing, he had run to the native doctor. He said: “The native doctor resides in Nnewi, Anambra State.

He is a traditional ruler. After police busted our Igando hideout, he told me to have no fear. He said nothing would happen. He told me that nobody would be able to catch or arrest me. I believed him. I don’t know what went wrong.” Meanwhile, Evans’ Uncle, Daniel Nwosu, who is bed-ridden, said he had not seen his sister, the suspect’s mother, in a very long time. He stands as the head of the Nwosu’s family in Akamili village, Umudim, Nnewi.

He said that it was only Chinwe’s husband, Stephen Onwuamadike, who would be able to give account of her whereabouts. In an exclusive interview with New Telegraph yesterday, Nwosu said: “I don’t have anything to say because I don’t know anything about the boy (Evans). If I see him now, I may not even recognise him. “It’s been a very long time I saw him last. He doesn’t come home or visit his maternal home.

So, what can I say about him? You know children have a way with their mothers. It’s possible she knows what Chidumeme (Evans) is into or not. It is the father or mother that can talk about their child. I don’t have anything to say, but I appeal to the authorities to have mercy on him and forgive him. “Children of this generation do not listen to advice; if not, why would he delve into such bad business, knowing the implications. It is because of money? See where it has got him.”

Although Nwosu insisted he didn’t know the whereabouts of his sister, he disclosed that when he heard the news of Evans’ arrest via a phone call, he called Chidumeme’s mother to find out what was going on but she didn’t pick the call. She also didn’t call back. Nwosu said that he had not been communicating with Chinwe for a long time because the woman did not reach out to them.

He said: “I have not spoken with Chidumeme’s mother for a very long time and I don’t know where she is and what is happening around her. She should be up there in her husband’s house, but now I’m hearing she is not there. I don’t understand what is happening. It’s unfortunate and sad. She is just who she is. I have been sick and bed-ridden for a long time. I don’t go out at all hence; I don’t know what is happening around here.”

The long distance ride to Evans’ maternal home led to the discovery of a house allegedly built by Evans’ mother for one of her brothers. The said brother is based in Port Harcourt, Rivers State. However, the maternal home of the kidnap kingpin showed a quiet middle class home with a Rav 4 ‘Jeep’ parked in a garage. Evans’ father had earlier said that his estranged wife left her matrimonial home without telling anybody where she was going to.

Stephen also denied the rumour making the round that he divorced Evans’ mother. He said: “I cannot divorce her because we took an oath on our wedding. The oath is that we will be together for better or worse, till death do us part.

Death is the only thing that can separate us. I did not also disown Evans as is being circulated. “He remains my son. If he is given a second chance and he returns home, I will welcome and accept him. It was sad I didn’t know what he was into; if not, I would have been the one to stop him, by bringing my friends in the force to arrest and torture him to stop.”

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Metro and Crime

67-year-old widow loses son to sickle cell, daughter to breast cancer



  …gets magnificent building from philanthropist


The life of a widow identified simply as Mrs. Nworie is quite pathetic though succour later came her way after many years of experiencing difficult situations. She lives in a thatched house with her surviving children after the deaths of her husband many years ago, her son, Joshua and daughter Grace. Joshua died at a tender age of 23, leaving his poor, widowed mother and four siblings who had no viable means of fending for themselves.

The woman has struggled continuously to cater for her children. Her daughter, Grace, got married and became pregnant. Unfortunately she developed breast cancer which later took her life in February. She was heavily pregnant when she passed on. Grace and her mother did not disclose her illness to their family friend Obinna Oke who has been assisting them financially including taking Mrs. Nworie to hospital for medical treatment and setting up small business for the widow to cushion the effect of hardship on the family.

Oke however realised that Grace had breast cancer even though the lady and her mother always tried to divert his attention whenever he visited the family. Grace and her mother did not want to bother Oke with the fact of her ailment since they felt he had already done so much for the family. Oke who just finished his studies as a Medical Doctor, said: “I feel like asking God a question: why is nature this wicked? Why does nature keep afflicting the already afflicted? “Grace got married two years ago and became pregnant; that was her first. She came back last Christmas to help me convince and accompany her mum to go to the hospital to see a consultant for her eyes. She was with mama in all her doctor’s appointments. She couldn’t contain her joy when I opened a grocery store for mama. She couldn’t believe it wasn’t a dream.

“No one appreciated my help without suspicion like she did. She was a true believer. On my subsequent visits after Christmas, I noticed she had become unusually detached, reserved and moody. She always tied her wrapper from above her chest down. But I never had any strong cause to ask her question.

“On another visit, she was said to have gone to pick up medication. I asked what the medicine was for, and mama said it was just her normal medicine. I spoke with Grace about it when I got back to the city. She said it wasn’t what she would discuss with me; that it was an illness that could only be treated traditionally. I persisted but she shut me off. So, I knew it was something I needed to sit over with her. “I visited them again and mama took me to the back of their hut and whispered to me that she was sorry but that there was something I needed to see.

She then called Grace. Grace removed her wrapper and I couldn’t believe my eyes with what I saw. It was an advanced stage of breast cancer. “Mama said they decided to show me after she bled profusely following a certain herbalist attempted to drain whatever he believed was inside it, and because another village nurse hinted that they should try the hospital. “Grace complained that she was always having severe chest pain but that her gravest concern was that her baby had gradually stopped moving inside of her despite the fact that it was the ninth month of her pregnancy. “I was sad. I knew time had gone and no use blaming anyone for anything. Cancer is a monster that can only be nipped when discovered early enough. “I told them that the first people I should see at the Federal Teaching Hospital Abakaliki should be her and her husband. I had given her hope, and that she shouldn’t worry about the bill.

Then I took shots to show our general surgeon ahead of time. “On that Monday, I saw no one. I called many times but Grace never answered. I travelled back to their home the following week and mama told me that Grace had gone back with her husband. That he was taking her to a big hospital in Benin City. It was all I could find out even as I tried hard to fight my apprehensions. Meanwhile, Grace never picked my calls again. “I later got a call that Grace had been under excruciating pains. That she had begun to cough out blood and later entered labour but passed on with the pregnancy before they could get her to a hospital.

Honestly, I wouldn’t say the tragedy is alien to me. I’ve seen many similar horror stories or worse.” After Grace’s death, a devastated Oke got four-bedroom apartment for the widow through a philanthropist, Nnamdi Ikeagu. “Nnamdi Ikeagu didn’t just build a house; he built a modern and exotic four-bedroom edifice with all the internal facilities installed. A house that qualifies to be the best in the entire village. He also went ahead to buy mattresses, pillows and a modern settee for the sitting room.

He also gave her a source of potable water which would serve the family and the neighbourhood. “In spite of the fact that I supervised this project from the start to the finish, I never for once overcame a feeling of astonishment, which goes further to explain the shock that Joshua’s family has been in since, and would continue to be in for the rest of their lives. “Although Nnamdi Ikeagu never likes to publicise his charity works or for him to be eulogized, I feel constrained to say this, especially for what it’s worth, for the inspiration it engenders,” Oke stated. “Joshua wherever he is will be very happy for this gift. The same thing applies to Grace.

I remember how she danced around their compound, raising her hands to the heavens when I told her of the plan to build a house for them. Sadly, she saw it sprout but death snatched her from us before she could enjoy the benefit.” On why he built the house for the widow, Ikeagu said he had suffered abject poverty and knew how it feels. He said: “I have lived in abject poverty before.

So, I know how it feels. What I do today is the ultimate joy for me – to be able to lend a helping hand especially to those that cannot pay me back. It is pure bliss. The big picture which most of us fail to see is that even all this will pass. Wealth is nothing if it is not used to impact humanity positively. Wealth on its own is completely passive. It is the positive application of wealth that triggers the wellbeing of humanity.”

When asked how she felt when the house was handed to her, Mama Joshua, as Mrs Nworie is fondly called, was ecstatic. She couldn’t put her feelings into words, she was overwhelmed with emotion. Ukamaka, one of her children, was crying.

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Metro and Crime

Inmate slumps, dies in prison



An accused Kabiru Adeyemi standing trial at the Ebute-Metta Magistrate Court 5 in Lagos has reportedly slumped and died at the Ikoyi Prison in Lagos. The accused’s sudden and mysterious demise was announced in court by the prosecutor, Inspector Chinalu Nwadione, during the resumed hearing of the case of fraud involving the deceased, his wife Fumilayo Akinboju, one Jay Jay and others over allegations that they defrauded over 400 house seekers of over 20million they collected as rents for two apartments in the Coker Aguda and Iponri areas of the state. Inspector Nwadione told the court that: “There is a death report of Kabiru Akorede Adeyemi from the Nigerian Prison Service dated April 10, 2018, that the defendant died in prison last week Sunday.

The warder gave me the information. I think that they brought a document to that effect.” Counsel to the plaintiffs, Ene Sarah Unobe, asked the court for leave on the case as she stated that: “A series of lies have been told before now so we do not believe that he is dead. Therefore we ask for further investigation and that we see his corpse so that we can be convinced of his purported death.” The magistrate Mrs Ipaye – Nwachukwu granted the leave.

She said:”I am of the view that a coroner’s inquest be conducted to look into the purported death of Kabiru Akorede Adeyemi. Two of the nominal complainants and the Counsel Watching Brief be allowed to view the body of Kabiru Akorede Adeyemi. His body is not allowed to be released for burial pending the conclusion of the coroner’s inquest”. Efforts to get the reaction of the spokesperson Nigeria Prisons Service Lagos command, Mr. Biyi Jeje, were fruitless as his telephone was switched off.

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Metro and Crime

My husband steals my money, batters me –Wife



A businesswoman, Mrs Ugouovy Azubuike, has prayed an Ikeja Customary Court, sitting in Lagos State, to dissolve her three-year-old marriage to her husband, Alex Azubuike, for allegedly stealing her money and battering her. Ugouovy, a resident of 21 Road, G Close, Festac Town, told the Court that she had no choice than to leave her matrimonial house because she couldn’t bear the pain she had been passing through in the hands of her husband.

She alleged that her husband always looked for reasons to castigate her for being barren and too old to bear a child. Alex, who was also in Court, appeared shocked at his wife’s petition and denied all the allegations she levelled against him. Alex told the Court that he loves his wife and that he wouldn’t do anything to hurt her. This was even as he argued that if his wife was insisting in dissolving the marriage, she should then return the dowry he paid on her. He said: “I love my wife so dearly.

I would never hurt her. I believe she already has a concubine, because I am surprised she could be lying against me. But if she insists on dissolving the marriage, she should return the dowry I paid to her parents.” In response, Ugouovy told Court that her husband paid N2, 005 only as dowry and that he further paid N148, 000 for their traditional marriage. She added that she had to give her husband a sum of N500, 000 to assist him since he was not too financially buoyant. The petitioner, however, noted that if her husband insists on collecting the dowry, then he should be ready to return all the money he allegedly stole from her during the course of their marriage.

She said: “My husband has been wicked to me and if he insists on collecting the dowry of N2, 005 he paid during our traditional marriage held at Uzuani Local Government Area of Enugu State, then he should return the sum of N8, 050,000 he stole from me during our marriage because we did businesses together. My Lord, I have evidence of the whole transaction between this man and I. Please dissolve our marriage because I am not ready to die. I left his house because of everyday fight and quarrels.” The businesswoman stated that she had made up her mind and wanted a divorce, because her husband just wants her money as well as to inflict unnecessary sufferings on her.

Ugouovy noted: “My Lord, I am a businesswoman and I have money to fend for myself. My husband has hurt me to the extent that he called his concubine to speak with me. Let him take away all my money he stole. All I ask is that this marriage should be dissolved.” The Court President, Mrs Ladele Funmilayo, advised the petitioner to have a rethink over the dissolution of the marriage as there would be no turning back. Funmilayo added that with the look of things, the husband still loved and wanted her in his life. The Court President adjourned the case till May 17, while advising the couple to be of good behaviour and have a rethink.

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