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Ronke Ademiluyi, Denrele Edun, others rock African Fashion Week



The founder of African Fashion Week Nigeria (AFWN), Ronke Ademiluyi said the just concluded two-day AFWN was historic because it was hosted in Africa’s culture, grandeur and splendour site, the National Theatre, Iganmu, Lagos.

She added that the move was in a bid to promote and showcase the African culture and heritage to a global audience, using African and Nigerian fabrics in various designs and styles.

Ademiluyi stated further that the long term growth of the fashion industry was grounded in developing initiatives to ensure that it remained in the forefront of creativity, fashion, style and innovation.

“This year’s AFWN is unique as we had 56 designers and 40 exhibitors selected from various parts of Nigeria and the African continent, displaying their talents and brands in the two-day catwalk show.

Four African designers from Ghana, Cameron, Senegal and Zambia, joined 52 African designers in the creation of cloths, bags, head gears, suitcases and footwear’s, using African and Nigerian fabrics”, she said

Ademiluyi said that this year’s fashion show concentrated on promoting African fabrics, since African prints was gradually becoming household attire for Nigerians and beyond.

The cultural promoter noted that Nigerians currently wear the Ankara mostly on Fridays, adding that it was not enough.

“It should be adopted officially for workers and even the school children, so it should be won proudly to official functions. African fashion industry is currently worth $31 billion so we must collaborate to promote it within our country, we should be proud of our culture because it is rich.

In trying to infuse our culture with the western world, people should not fail to see the beauty and richness of the Nigerian culture”, she said. Some of the fashion designers on the catwalk show were: Reverse, (handmade bags, suits), Zainab Bridals, Lamzie from Owerri, Simply Sleek, Women in Nigeria Designs (traditional Oleku). Others were Modella, Kola Kuddus, Maufechi, Regalia by FAL, Blingshiki, Zizi Cardow, Marobuk, Tash by Tasha, Linda Ngwi (Cameroun) Sally Bawa and Alex Akande (Cameroon).

However, the youngest designer, The Zibronetti, a 13 years old girl, who said her motivation was drawn from her mum, also trilled the audience with her unique designs. Some of the dignitaries in attendance were Hon. Fumilayo Tejuosho, Aba Folawiyo, (first fashion designer), Erele Dosumu, Nike Gallery, Denrele Edun, among veterans in the industry.

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Body & Soul

Playful sheer elegance



Trends come and go but some trends often take their sweet time as they come, reign supreme and gradually begin to evolve using the current trends as a crutch. The sheer trend is one of such styles that will not just step aside, it keeps coming and going like the ebb of an ocean tide.


Currently, it is used as a way to create a sexiness that is coy but not in your face. Sheer panels make for very beautiful and fresh statements on an ensemble. It could take a very plain or even regular outfit straight up to glam.


It is up to you which parts of your body you want to expose through sheer.


Depending on how much of a prude you are, and how conversant you are with your best features, those are the areas to introduce the sheer panel to. Keep it decent for formal occasions though in order not to stick out like a sore thumb.


However, you are welcome to knock yourself out and take the proverbial fashion foot forward with the side sheer panels. You would look edgy and sexy and girly all rolled up in one neat black package.

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Body & Soul

Beauty in pregnancy




Skincare and beauty regimen are very important to every women. However, in pregnancy, it becomes more so as it is no longer just about the woman. During pregnancy, not only what you put in your body is crucial, but what you put on it as well. On this premise, one needs to be doubly aware of what they eat, drink and apply on their skin. Drink more water than before to flush out toxins, catch up on your beauty sleep, exercise and eat healthy.



Most makeup is not too harmful, but some substances are to be used in moderation, like retinoid (a form of vitamin a substance in products), salicylic acid (found in some makeup for acne-prone skin), oil of Bergamot and soy which can worsen melasma (dark patches associated with pregnancy), can be harmful to the baby.





You should moisturise from the inside out. Eat a lot of carrots, watermelon, cucumbers and avocado to help with your skin radiance. You could blend them into a smoothie and add the juice of a lemon to help with nausea which could also leave you with a sallow skin. To reduce the appearance of stretch marks, keep the bump, thighs, upper arms and lower back moisturised always. You could use shea butter (ori), olive oil, coconut oil or petroleum jelly.




Most sunscreens are safe, so keep away from the sun especially between and Wear a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen and sun protective clothing. If you have melasma, you could use skin lightening UV protector.



Hair removers and minimisers


Most hair removing creams and lotions are considered risk free. This is a great thing since they are your best friend for those areas besides your legs that you can barely reach, let alone see. You should avoid these products though if you had prior reactions to them before you were pregnant. Your skin becomes sensitive with pregnancy so you may react to these hair minimisers or removers even if you didn’t in the past.

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How I was robbed by men in SARS uniform –Aboki4Christ



Olufemi Olusesi Michael, popularly known as Aboki4Christ is one of the most sought after comedians in the country. Although his craft cuts across every state in Nigeria, Olufemi spends most of his time in Port Harcourt, Rivers State. In a chat with ABIOLA ALABA PETERS, he speaks about his childhood challenges, love life and other sundry issues


Who exactly is Aboki4Christ and where are you from?


Aboki4Christ is the second child out of four boys. I’m from Abeokuta in Ogun State. I graduated from the University of Calabar where I studied Social Works. I’m a proud black African man; many people who hear my voice on radio actually think I’m fair. At a very young age, I was taken by my grandmother to the northern part of this country to stay with her and I had my primary education in Bauchi State, and also got my First School Leaving Certificate. Thereafter, I proceeded to Demonstration Secondary School, where I obtained my Secondary School Certificate. After my secondary school education, I returned to my parents in Lagos but due to financial constraints, I couldn’t proceed to a higher institution immediately. So, I moved to Idiroko in Ogun State where I took up a teaching job in a primary school. I taught there for about seven years before I secured admission into The University of Calabar to study Social Works.



Kindly take us through your career journey, comedy precisely?


Comedy actually started off as a joke. I was actually in the drama unit in my church. I worship with Winners Chapel, Idiroko; that was about 1999/2001 or so. I just discovered that each time I act, people laugh. No matter the role I was given to play, people will definitely laugh because I use Hausa assent. It continued like that until one day, I attended a program in my church headquarters and I met this comedian, Holy Mallam. When he was cracking his jokes, they were so clean and funny but with Hausa accent. However, because he doesn’t speak Hausa fluently, the assent wasn’t clean. I grew up in the north, so I speak Hausa and I know I could do what he was doing and even better. It was right there and then that I told myself that I could do what he was doing. Since then, God has been faithful.



So how did the Northern accent and display come about, even in your name?


Like I said earlier, both parents are from Ogun State, so I am a proud Yoruba guy. My grandmother was a business woman; she did her business in the North and she had houses in the north back then. She didn’t have a male child so she decided to take me along with her; I stayed in the north for a decade. When I returned from the north in 1999, I lost my Yoruba touch. Though I speak Yoruba, each time I speak or talk to friends and family, they always laugh at me that I speak Yoruba like a Hausa man; they started calling me ‘Aboki’. So, when I eventually started this comedy thing, I told my pastor that I was going to do the gospel kind of comedy, so they should call me Aboki4Jesus, but I later changed it to Aboki4Christ for some reasons.



At what age did you start hustling?


My brother, no be today o! When I was in JSS 3, I told myself I was not going to collect school fees from anybody again, so I began working in a car wash centre. Later, I hawked and sold cooked eggs. I also sold bread and soft drinks. Then, I moved to washing plates in a restaurant. Even when I eventually got admission into the university, I was riding motorbike (Okada). I rode Okada from 2006 to 2009. I had three bikes back then, but when I heard that they were going to ban Okada in Calabar, I sold the three and bought a car and started using it for taxi. I was still doing comedy as I was doing all of these.



You’re one of the few comedians doing well, why are you still single?


Is it your singleness? Please allow me enjoy my singleness o! Anyway, just wait a little more and the bell will ring soon. I’m just one person that does things when I’m more relaxed, but I am thinking towards that direction, so stay tuned.



How come you haven’t been linked to any girl?


That’s because I’m a very private person; I love to keep my private life, private.



Are you in a serious relationship?


It is still a private issue, but for now let’s leave it as it is, to be told at d right time.




When is the right time, don’t you get pressure from family?



I don’t ever let anything or anyone pressure me into doing anything. Marriage is a personal thing; I decide when to go into it. So even if they try to pressure me, I don’t give in to any pressure whatsoever.



You were recently robbed by some men in SARS uniform; can you briefly tell us what actually happened?



That’s one thing I hate to talk about. At about 9.15 pm along Olu-Obasanjo Road by Evo road in Port Harcourt, I was driving my Lexus 350 RX SUV, when about three guys in a small Toyota Corolla ash coloured car accosted me. The funniest and crazy thing was that they were dressed in SARS uniform with AK47 riffle. That was even the reason why I stopped. At first I was surprised because I know I have no business with them; they then asked me to come down, which I became more shocked. They had AK45 on them and I was asked to move back; the next thing I saw was them entering my car and acting like they were looking for something. The next thing I saw was that they just zoomed off! I was stranded and confused, I didn’t even know what to do or say. It was like a movie to me.



Was it the car alone they left with?


No, they made away with my phone, National ID card, voters card, clothes and shoes and some cash. This is what this country has turned into. How can this guy’s wear a SARS uniform, if this has happened to me, how much more the people out there?



Did you report the issue?


Yes I did, guess what, they did not even act like I knew what I was saying! I just pray that God will continue to guide us in this country because we are no longer safe; if anybody can now take a police uniform and do what they wish then we have big problem. I could have been died, but thank God for life.



Why do you do more of gospel jokes?


The thing is I began my comedy in church, that doesn’t mean my art is restricted to the church. I am a comedian; I don’t know what gospel comedy is, but what I do know is that I do clean, non-provocative comedy void of vulgarity.



What are the qualities of your dream wife?


Well, I don’t have too many qualities that I’m looking for in a woman, my kind of woman should just be somebody who will just love me for who I am; a good Christian and a Godly woman. She may not be the perfect Christian woman, but let there be this trace of the fact that she fears God and loves Him. You must be good looking, not necessarily a queen type; I like them very beautiful.



Finally words for your fans?


I just want them to stay away from drugs, anything negative, this world has almost nothing in it, just trust God, work hard and your tomorrow is sure.

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