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Babalakin pushes education as catalyst for economic recovery



Pro-Chancellor and Chairman of Governing Council of the University of Lagos (UNILAG), Dr. Wale Babalakin (SAN), has called for the reformation of the education sector with a view to improving every other sector of the nation’s economy.

“Nigeria is at crossroads and I believe very strongly that the emancipation of our great country will be led by the reformation of the education sector.

Once we get the education system on the proper footing, it will propel the other sectors of the nation and begin an unstoppable forward movement,” he said.

Babalakin, who disclosed this in Ede, Osun State at a retreat organised by the Osun State University (UNIOSUN), said “it is very unfortunate that a country with a population of about 150million persons and the largest country in the Africa continent has no tertiary institution that has any favourable rating in the world.”

He went on: “We have to set key performance indicators that are consistent with international best practices that must be aspired to by all universities.

It will among other things assess the contribution of the university to the larger society, as well as rate the universities using the appropriate criteria which include student-staff ratio. “More saddening is that once upon a time, Nigeria had universities that were highly rated in the world.

I recall watching a television programme some time ago, where Prof. Olu Akinkugbe, an outstanding academic and former Vice-Chancellor of the University of Ilorin and Ahmadu Bello University, stated that at a point in time, the University College Hospital, Ibadan, was rated as the fourth among medical institutions in the Commonwealth.

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Buhari’s failure is crystal clear, Fayose attacks President again



The Ekiti State Governor, Mr Ayodele Fayose has reiterated his call for the resignation of President Muhammadu Buhari, describing the present insecurity and economic problems in the country as evidence of the President’s cluelessness and inability to steer the ship of the country.

The governor said; “For a President that was elected because he promised to fight corruption and clear the Northeast of the Boko Haram insurgents within three months, the signs that he must take a bow and return home are clear even more than crystal.”

In a statement issued on Saturday, by his Special Assistant on Public Communications and New Media, Lere Olayinka, the governor said latest events in the country, especially the abduction of over 100 pupils of the Government Girls Technical College, Dapchi, Yobe State and the Transparency International (TI) damning report revealing that the perception of corruption in Nigeria worsened between 2016 and 2017, further vindicated his position before the 2015 presidential election that President Muhammadu Buhari lacked the required capacity to govern a diverse and complex nation like Nigeria.

He said; “President Buhari promised Nigerians that he will bring back the missing Chibok Girls and defeat Boko Haram within three months.

After more than 32 months in office, Boko Haram is still killing Nigerians, with herdsmen also on a killing spree.

“Painfully, the same Boko Haram they claimed to have defeated suddenly became strong enough to kidnap over 100 students. Now, Nigeria is not only looking for the remaining Chibok Girls, another over 100 innocent students have joined, this is unacceptable!

“Funny enough, a few days ago, the President called on all Nigerians to be prepared to pay the ‘ultimate price’ for the progress and unity of the nation and I wish to ask him what other price does he wants Nigerians to pay.

“Already, Nigerians are sacrificing their lives by getting killed while seeking what to eat. Some have even committed suicide! Yet, the same President who is enjoying all the benefits of his office is calling on Nigerians to forgo personal pleasures and pay the ultimate price. ”

Governor Fayose, who described those urging President Buhari to seek reelection as selfish people whose do not have the interests of Nigerians at heart, added that no right-thinking Nigerian would pray to have the fate of the country in the hands of a clueless individual like President Buhari for another four years.

When President Buhari mounts the campaign podium, what will he tell Nigerians? Will he tell Nigerians that corruption and insecurity has not worsened than it was in 2015? Will the President say that Nigerians deserve to be buying petrol that they were buying at N86 per litre in 2015 at N180 now?

“Is President Buhari going to justify that within 30 months, Nigeria’s debt that was N12.06 trillion in 2015 increased by over N10 trillion? “Fact is that Nigeria is under a rudderless federal government. Everything is now upside down, with everywhere in the country becoming insecure. What Nigerians expect in a situation like this is a clean break from this calamitous government and new breath of life, not a continuation of a government lacking a direction.”

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Dapchi Girls: Full list of Kidnapped girls



The chairman, forum of parents of missing Dapchi girls, Bashir Manzo, on Saturday said 105 students were abducted from Government Girls’ Science Technical College, Dapchi, Yobe state.

Here’s the full list obtained by The Nation.

  1. Fatima Bashir
  2. Aisha Kachalla
  3. Zainab Abubakar
  4. Falmata Wakil
  5. Fatima Isa
  6. Fatima Musa
  7. Aisha Usman
  8. Aisha Adamu
  9. Fatima Isa
  10. Hauwa A. Mohammed Idriss
  11. Maryam Mohammed
  12. Fatima Mohammed II
  13. Hauwa Salisu
  14. Hassana Gambo
  15. Aisha Adamu
  16. Adama Garba
  17. Zara Grema
  18. Maryam Daamkontoma
  19. Zainab Bama
  20. Fatsuma Abdullahi
  21. Fatima Yahaya Tarbutu
  22. Amina Yahaya Tarbutu
  23. Amina Adamu
  24. Hajara Ali
  25. Fatima Abdullahi
  26. Fatsuma Ali
  27. Zara’U Mohammed
  28. Salamatu Garba
  29. Falmata Alh. Inuwa
  30. Falmata Alh. Ali
  31. Aisha B. Danjuma
  32. Maryam Bashir
  33. Maryam Aliyu Mabu
  34. Fatima Modu Bamba
  35. Aisha Modu Bamba
  36. Hafsat Haruna
  37. Rabi Alh. Nasiru
  38. Hadiza Moh’D
  39. Fatima Aji Hassan
  40. Falmata Wakil
  41. Aisha Wakil
  42. Falmata A. Audu
  43. Aisha Maina
  44. Aisha Mohammed
  45. Aisha Mamuda
  46. Name missing on list
    47.Zainab Usman
  47. Hadiza Mohammed Taiduma
  48. Maryam Ibrahim
  49. Fatima M. Gira
  50. Hafsat Ibrahim Gira
  51. Maryam Ibrahim
  52. Zara Tijjani
  53. Amina Haruna
  54. Fatima Adamu
  55. Khadija Mai Sale
  56. Khadija Ali
  57. Habiba Musa Jakana
    59 Fatima Bukar
  58. Hajara Gidado
  59. Maryam Basiru
  60. Fatima Usman
  61. Maryam Ibrahim
  62. Leah Sherubu
  63. Aisha Alh. Deri
  64. Fatima Hassan Mustapha
  65. Zainab Manu
  66. Zara Tijjani
  67. Zainab Bukar Abba
  68. Hauwa Saidu Abubakar
  69. Karima Inusa
  70. Amina A. Abubakar
  71. Yakura Sani
  72. Rabi Yahaya Tela
  73. Hajara Yahaya Tela
  74. Marya Mustapha
  75. Aisha Abdullahi
  76. Maryam Adamu Mohammed
  77. Bintu Usman
  78. Fatsuma Mohammed
  79. Salamatu Isiyaku
  80. Hauwa Lawan
  81. Aisha B. Danjuma
  82. Aisha Moh’D Jakusko
  83. Hauwa Bulama
  84. Fatima Abubakar Jambo
  85. Walida Adamu
  86. Fanna Mohammed
  87. Aisha M. Bukar
  88. Maryam Usman
  89. Aisha Abba Aji
  90. Maryam Usman
  91. Maimuna A. Hassan
  92. Zara Musa
  93. Maryam Mohammed Kaku
  94. Khadija Suleiman
  95. Habiba Nuhu Dan Inu
  96. Fatima Isiyaku Aliyu
  97. Sahura Jibir Mohammed
  98. Khadija Grema Dabuwa
  99. Zara Grema Dabuwa
  100. Zara Mohammed Lawan
  101. Fatima Mohammed
  102. Fati Modu Aisami
  103. Fatsuma Alli.

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National news

Kano LG Election: It was ‘mago mago’ election – Kwankwaso



Senator  Rabiu Kwankwaso says the alleged underage voting in the state’s local government polls could only have happened because “only one party” contested the election.

Kwankwaso said it would be impossible to rig an election if several political parties are involved.


In an  interview with Osasu Igbinedion on The Osasu Show, Kwankwaso said it was the first time he would see a group of children queuing up to vote.

According to him, if such happens in the 2019 elections, other political parties would ask the underage voter to “get out of this place”.

“In all elections, there should be more than one party contesting. If you have more than one party, then party A will not Allow part B to do any form of mago mago, especially the issue of people who are below 18,” Kwankwaso said.

“In 2019, if you go there, no child will go close to any ballot box because if you are coming to vote for A, B will say get out of this place.

“But those ones, I think they were invited to go and thumbprint because the real people were not there, the Kwakwansiya and the PDP weren’t there.

“This is the first time I can see only children on the line or queue trying to vote I am seeing the type of thing that is happening.

Asked to score the performance of the APC-led federal government, the ex-Kano governor said: “So far so good, the administration is doing its best, so also the party.

“But I hope the government and our party should do much more than what we have seen in the last three years so that by 2019, the good people of this country can come out again and vote for our candidates from the councillorship up to the position of president under the party.

“This last one year is very crucial for the party, the government and the country.”

Kwankwaso says he has not decided if he will seek any political position in 2019, nor is he mulling any plan to decamp from the APC.

“The issue of decamping or leaving APC is not on the table now. We are looking at how the various stakeholders in our party will look at the situation, not only in Kano but there are many other places that something should be done,” he said.

“People who understand democracy go into politics first and foremost as politicians. From 1991 to date, I contested 16 elections and won 14 and lost two.

“Even the two are important to me because anybody who is in this age of politics who has never contested an election, or contested and only won or lost, to us is not yet complete. We can’t call him a complete politician.

“When the time comes, we look at ourselves, if we realise there is need to contest, we contest. Now I am a senator, I am a very happy and contented politician.”

Images of ineligible voters had surfaced on social media after the February 10 election which was overwhelmingly won by the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Reacting, Mohammed Garba, the state commissioner for information, had said the videos and pictures were captured during the 2015 polls.

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