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MIYONSE AMOSU OLUWASEYI: Cheesy chicken sandwich



MIYONSE AMOSU OLUWASEYI: Cheesy chicken sandwich


Miyonse Amosu Oluwaseyi is from Badagary town, Lagos State. He is the last born of a family of six (Parents, two brothers and a sister). Growing up for him was fun and loving especially with Christian parents and a father that is was a disciplinarian.

‘‘I am the last born. Growing up in my house meant no one was spared of kitchen duties, including the men. So I picked up a few things at an early age. My father was a staunch Christian, so going to church was not negotiable. I enjoyed my childhood and I have a lot of fond memories while growing up.’’

He attended At-Bet International School and Early Life Secondary School in Festac Town and earned a first degree in Mass Communication in 2015 from the University of Lagos. But later in life, he took up a career as a chef, a development he attributed to the encouragement he got from his family members and friends.

‘‘My friends and family encouraged me to do something with my cooking skills. So, I enrolled in a culinary school and here I am.’’ Miyonse in his early days as a chef was not much of a public figure until he went into the Big Brother House this year as one of the contenders where he made a huge impression on the viewing public and delighting his fellow house mates with his culinary skills and other antics, thereby earning the admiration and adoration of his house mates and the public.

Even though he was one of the early housemates to exit the house, Miyonse has earned for himself a place in the hearts of many followers of the reality TV show, which was a box office affair. He discloses the fact that he had a good time in the house and also that the experience has impacted greatly on him and his career.

‘‘I had a great time in the house and it unleashed my potential to the world. I learnt real life lessons in the house that I won’t forget,’’ he says even as he tells you that as a chef he is fulfilled because cooking is what he loves doing: ‘‘When you do what you love to do and it gladdens your heart you will always find fulfillment.’’
His advice to the youth is simple: ‘‘I would have said work hard but hard work is overstated. You mostly need the favour of God.’’

Indeed, chef Miyonse’s cooking prowess has not only been unearthed but he has risen to become a toast to many, delighting them with his culinary skills and he is today a sought after chef, at least in the public space, with him featuring as guest chef in two popular TV shows.

One of them is Foodies and Spice with chef Geena and the other is Wake Up Nigeria on Continental Television (TVC). In one of his recent appearances on TVC, he shares a special recipe on chessy chicken sandwich and its preparation.
We delight your weekend with Miyonse’s offering:

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