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Killer’ Vaccine: Another plan to crush South East -MASSOB



Killer’ Vaccine: Another plan to crush South East -MASSOB

Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB), yesterday described the free medical outreach embarked upon
by the Nigerian Army in some states in the south-east as operation python death.

There were rumours around the south-east on Wednesday that the Army was administrating vaccines on students, pupils, pregnant women and old ones which allegedly caused the death of some pupils.

Many parents hurriedly withdrew their children and wards from schools to avoid receiving the said ‘killer’  vaccines.

Many students also fled from their schools on receiving the rumour of the ‘killer vaccines’.

In a statement issued in Abakaliki yesterday on the free medical services embarked upon by the Nigeria Army, MASSOB leader Comrade
Uchenna Madu condemned the medical outreach.

The statement reads  “MASSOB condemned the forceful immunization and administration of unknown drugs to Biafra children by medical
personnel of Nigeria Army which led to the unconfirmed death of about three children in Ozubulu, Ekwusigo LGA, Anambra state.

“ We see this camouflaged medical humanitarian services of Nigeria Army as another dimensional step to cause the annihilation of the people of Biafra. This Nigeria military annihilation exercise can be described as “Operation Python Death”.

“The unfortunate incident at Ozubulu that snowballed into ” Oso Abiola ( Safety Run) has opened the eyes Igbo doubting Thomases that
Buhari led Hausa Fulani Islamic agenda against the Christian dominated Biafra land is real.

“MASSOB through our intelligence agency has confirmed that the source of the immunization drugs was brought from Iran without the
due process of clearing of imported goods, our intelligence report also proved that NAFDAC was sidelined before administration of the
killer poison. The poisonous substances administered  in Ozubulu is outrightly different from the medical drugs administered in Nkwegwu,
Isukwuato and Mbaise. This is a biological warfare waged against our people by Nigeria state.

“The level of hatred President Buhari and his kinsmen displayed using the instruments of Nigeria state and primitive services of the security agents against the people of Biafra because of the emergence of Biafra can lead them to undescribable acts that will reduce our intimidating population.

“ MASSOB wondered why an establishment geared towards total and open extrajudicial killings of armless and non-violence Biafrans,
intimidating Igbo leadership, terrorizing our people and villages through their Fulani herdsmen and subjecting our economic fortunes to
Will nothingness suddenly avail themselves as our medical and humanitarian Messiahs?

“MASSOB also wish to reaffirm our unshaken belief and resolute consistency on the actualization and restoration of ancient kingdom of
Biafra through non-violence. Hausa Fulani frustrating and intimidating approach towards Biafra revolutionary struggle will never deter our
self-determination movement to freedom”.

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