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Arresting the arresters



Arresting the arresters

Pastor Stephen Akerele
Texts: II Kings 1:9-17
In righteousness shall thou be established; that shall be far from oppression? Isaiah 54:14
To arrest mean to put a stop to a process or movement. It also means to catch someone… and to seize somebody by the authority of the law. I pray that wherever the power of the enemy have been arresting your life, by the power of the Holy in Jesus Name. From our text, a captain and his 50 team were sent by the king to arrest Elijah, but the fire of God consumed both the captain and the fifty.
That is how many spiritual arresters and their agents contending against the lives of people with their joy, marriages, progress, promotion, job of many people today.
Note from the Scripture that Prophet Elijah was on the hill-top when the enemies asked him to come down (vs-9).
So also how the enemies want to pull you down from where the top God has put you. But I want assure you as a Child of that when God has destined you to get to the top, no power of evil: witches, wizard, familiar spirits, household enemies can pull you down. Because Deuteronomy 28:13:- told us that we are the head and not the tail. To crown it all God emphatically stated in Jeremiah 29:11.
The plan and purpose of God for you and I is to take us to a level of peace and success, a level free from satanic oppression, fear and terror.
I degree that all your enemies that refuse to turn back shall be consumed by fire in Jesus name.
Pastor Stephen Akerele is a Senior Pastor with Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Lagos. For prayer, counseling and other spiritual assistance, call or SMS: 08024907667, 08034942134. E-Mail:

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