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Bob braids: Ultra chic hairstyles



Bob braids: Ultra chic hairstyles

There’s nothing as chic or sophisticated as the timeless bob.

The bob style, be it the weaves or braids, keep making a comeback in the world of fashion and beauty. Bob braids are both elegant and edgy. They are easy to style, universally flattering and extraordinarily versatile.

From short to mid-length and long, there’s a whole world of braided bobs you can chose from for your styling pleasure. Bob braids are a form of protective hairstyle that made waves in the 90s.

However, they seem to be making a comeback this year, but with a slight twist.

The bob braids we have been seeing lately include just a bit of weaving in front. This gives it a different look. For those with natural hair, with protective hairstyles of short to medium length bob braids, you can get the fabulous and trendy look.

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