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Laura Ikeji-Kanu: Petite ball of fashion



Laura Ikeji-Kanu nee Ikeji, is a fashion blogger and entrepreneur who lives in Lagos.

The Imo State born was born on March 15, 1981. She became popular as the sister to one of the most popular and successful celebrity bloggers in Nigeria, Linda Ikeji.

She is a fun and fiery petite ball of fun as her social media pages are fraught with dance videos and general tidbits of her daily life, especially as regards her business which is a clothing and accessories shop called Laura Ikeji Gang.

She caught the eye of the younger brother to famous footballer, Kanu Nwankwo, Ogbonna and they were soon married and recently welcomed a beautiful baby.

She is our style interest today because she owns a fashion store with access to some of the most fashionable pieces around.

She takes absolute advantage of this by rocking them every other day and making the rest of us salivate. Her style is sexy, athletic and fun, what’s not to love?

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Body & Soul

D’banj: Stylish artist




Oladapo Daniel Oyebanjo popularly known as D’banj is a Nigerian singer-songwriter, harmonica player, and businessman. He has won several music awards, including the awards for Best African Act at the MTV Europe Music Awards 2007, Artist of the Year at the MTV Africa Music Awards 2009, Best-selling African Artist at the 2014 World Music Awards and Evolution award at the 2015 MTV Africa Music awards. He adopted the stage name D’banj, a combination of his first name, Dapo, and his surname, Oyebanjo.


He has performed at several international events including the AFCON 2013 closing ceremony held in South Africa. D’banj is the founder of Koko Foundation for Youth and Peace Development. He is also Nigeria’s first United Nations Youth Ambassador for Peace.


The Koko master as he’s popularly called is always a delight to watch on the red carpet. You can’t talk about well-dressed African celebrities without mentioning Afro pop singer, D’Banj. He is one of Africa’s most loved stars, not only because of his music but also his sense of style. His sartorial and expensive dressing makes him to stand out at every event. He has been frequently nominated as one of the best-dressed male entertainers in the country. One thing that remains consistent is his love for sunglasses, chains and statement wristwatches, which are now his signature style. With his consistently stylish appearances, it is safe to say D’Banj is Africa’s most stylish Male artist.


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Body & Soul

Why celebrity marriages fail –Regina Chukwu



Regina Chukwu is one of the household names in Yoruba movies, even though she’s from Enugu State. The single mum of two teenage kids whose husband died years ago, speaks with ABIOLA ALABA PETERS on marriage and sundry issues


It’s almost end of first quarter of 2018; what do you have to say to your fans?


What a great privilege to be alive, we pray that God will continue to keep and guide us. We must stay safe and be hard working. There is a still lot of time to achieve even more, but the most important is to be grateful to God for the gift of life. We must be prayerful and keep our head up, when we do all these things; every other things will fall in place for us.



What would you say you failed to achieve in 2017 and you hope to achieve in 2018?


I wouldn’t want to use the word ‘fail’ but I miss producing a very cool movie, of course not that I have not been producing good movies. But that particular movie will have my viewers saying wow; something big, a cinematic movie kind of. Something out of the box, I have not gone out of my comfort zone; I really want to do something huge, like going out of my comfort zone. Do something I have not done before.



Does that mean you are planning to take your fans to the cinema this 2018?


Yes, in fact, that’s a promise and in a very special way. They should just watch out, keep praying and keep supporting the brand. God on our side, my team and I will surely keep our promise.



So what would the story of the movie be centred on?


Oh well, I wouldn’t know for now, but I like drama, family stories, so hopefully, we are going to be looking in that direction.



Considering the rate at which marriages collapse these days, in your opinion, what would you say are the factors affecting celebrity marriages?



It’s not just celebrity marriages because they are not the only ones with failed marriages. It is because they are in the limelight, you know, everybody gets to see and celebrate them. Failed marriages are everywhere, I have seen some couples who are not into entertainment, but less than six months into their marriage, and everybody wants to go their own way. I don’t believe it’s a celebrity thing; it’s the new generational way. I think something is wrong somewhere, we are not really getting it, most people today go into marriage for the wrong reasons and not for the right reasons, many just want to marry, because he or she wants to be called Mr. or Mrs. and not for the love of marriage. Our parents for instance, imagine what they went through, they were submissive to their husbands and that is why their marriages lasted. But these days, it’s a different story, especially, we the women; we always want to claim right and when you have two people trying to claim right in marriage, the home will eventually collapse.


So it’s all about understanding, love and being prayerful too because God is always the pillar of a successful home.



Talking about your delivery on screen, very outstanding and professional, what has helped you achieve this feat?


Apart from the fact that I understudied someone before I graduated into becoming a full time actress, I try not to copy anybody; I try to be myself when I’m doing anything; I try to improve on what I did in previous years and productions. I would revisit some of my previous performance and be like, I can actually do it like this, do it like that; I am always trying to be better. I don’t want to copy anybody because I am not good at copying people.



Can you recall the first cash you made in a movie and how you felt?


I can’t remember the year precisely, but the first cash I made in a movie was by Kunle Afod. I have forgotten the title but that year, he gave me 10, 000 naira in an envelope and I was like wow!



What was the reaction of your parents when they first learnt you wanted to be in movies?


My father didn’t even want to hear it, but my mum was like, how will you make money and take care of the children? But as time went on, it’s been a blessing.



Are any of your children into movies?


None at all, they don’t want to and I can’t force them.



If you were not doing movies, what would you be doing?



I would probably be a lawyer.



Tells us about your dress?


My dress is made by my one and only designer. She is a very special and talented designer; she has been working with me for the past four years.



What’s the cost of the dress?


Well if I must tell; it cost N150, 000 only.



What is your beauty routine?


Funny enough, I don’t have a special routine, all I do is just cream my body after bathing and I’m good to go.



How would you describe your sense of fashion?


I like simplicity a lot and that is why when you see me wearing a heavy dress, you will see my natural hair. When I have a simple dress maybe I will come out wearing a wig. The thing is I like something that is simple.



What are your favourite jewellery/makeup accessories?


When it comes to jewellery, I personally don’t like any; I am not the jewellery type. I am only being forced to wear this because I am going out, wrist watches, earrings; rings are just too much for me. But when it comes to makeup, I am so into that. I love makeup.



What is your favourite makeup that you can’t actually do without?


My foundation, my powder, my eye liner and my lip gloss.


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Bed Work & Life

BOSSLADIES 44: Only a widow knows where her hubby is every night




Jay had planned to be out for a few hours, but the lure of what’s between the legs of beautiful daughters of Eve wouldn’t let him get a hold on his life. He found it difficult to peel himself away from the beautifully endowed lady that sat beside him. His spirit was willing but his flesh wouldn’t just obey him. He decided to stay a little longer. He wanted to see her again. If he left too early, the lady could be wooed by any of the guys who were running their eyes hungrily all over her.


He smiled. He had this knack for grabbing the best.


“Hey bro, I thought you said you’re staying for a couple of hours? It’s past 10pm you know,” Tyrone told him.


“Can’t a man flex at will?” He responded and they all laughed.


“I was afraid you had become a sissy who must rush home to do laundry for wifey,” Tyrone joked.
“Not in this lifetime, you know,” he told him.


He was secretly worried. Was he already acting like he had no hold on his family? He had to man up.


To prove that his wife wasn’t turning him round her little finger, he got home well after midnight and went straight to bed. All thoughts of a heart to heart he planned to have with his wife forgotten.


That was five days ago. He missed the chance that the Mothering Sunday provided. The day before -Saturday- he had gone out with the boys and got back home in the wee hours of the morning. He almost floated into the house!



Boy! Could those girls drink! They could compete with fish. He wasn’t surprised though, for they looked like mermaids.


Thoughts of Debola crept into his mind again. He’d been thinking about her more often lately. If only he knew where she was! She was taking this joke too far. Accepted, she had the right to be angry, but there should be a limit to it.
He sighed as his mind went back to his family.


Happenings the past few days had humbled him though. Adele never seemed to notice him anymore. She looked so happy these days, walking with a spring. He wondered the source of her joy. Gone were the wistful looks, replaced by a confident radiance.


Could it be that she had found joy in another man’s arms? He thought hard and shook his head. Adele was too timid for such. She wouldn’t dare it. He smiled, but underneath, he felt uneasy.


He had been a prodigal husband. It was high time he repented. Home should be a nest for love. Time was when his was. Not anymore. Not that love ceased in his home. No, love abided in his home but he scorned it. He wanted to be free few months after he got. He got his freedom and thought he got joy outside and didn’t look back for years. His family adjusted. His wife and children got used to a truant husband and father. They let him be and he felt happy when they stopped asking him questions.




Jay’s soul left his home long ago. It left in search of fleeting joy which demanded an arm and leg in return. He was ready to give anything to retain his freedom. He did, including making his wife feel like she was living with a co– tenant who came and went at will. As he thought the whole thing over, he felt like a bum.


He had to get his soul back home. Yeah, but it was proving an arduous task. Try as he could to steer himself on home path, he kept missing his way.


“I got me a new car,” she said, placing two dainty flutes on the centre table and popping a bottle of fizz she came into the living room with.


Startled, Jay looked up. He blinked a number of times.


“Cheers,” she said, raising her flute.


Jay stared at her, a blank look on his face.


“Cheers,” she repeated, sliding into the ottoman, beside him.


Jay shifted to make her more comfortable, wondering if he was dreaming. He had been away for three nights; he went on a getaway to Ghana with the new beau who called herself Tina. She was additive. He would have to watch it or he would get into another Debola kind of relationship.
“Are you here?” She asked, nudging him.


“Sure…yes…yes. What are we celebrating?” He asked, picking up his bubbling flute.


“My car. I got me a new car,” she said proudly.


“You got yourself a new car? Making it how many cars you own?” He asked her.


“Is it your money I’m spending?” She asked, lifting an eyebrow.


Jay turned and stared at her. He hadn’t taken a sip from his flute yet.


“I know you’re not spending my money. I know you can afford to buy yourself a car. But for crying out loud, there are several hungry families out there you could help with that money,” he said, setting the flute on the table without taking a sip.


“You’re already feeding, housing and clothing these hungry, homeless and naked girls out there with your money. When was the last time you spent a dime on this house? Two, five, six years ago?” She asked him, sipping her fizz.
Jay took a deep breath and exhaled loudly.


“So, you just entered an auto mart and picked your one word self a new car?” He asked.
“Well, last week Saturday was my birthday. You were gone before I woke up. You came back on Sunday morning. You didn’t wish me well. You took off three days later and didn’t come back till yesterday. I got myself a birthday gift, Mr. Husband,” she said, setting her empty flute on the table and picking his untouched drink.


She sipped from it. Jay felt like shooting himself. How could he have forgotten such an important date! Arrrrrgh! The elements must have conspired against him to wreck his marriage!


“Baby I’m really, really sorry. I forgot. Honestly, I forgot. What was I thinking? Oh no,” he said, reaching out to hold her.


Adele stiffened. Her first impulse was to dodge his arms. She thought against it and relaxed. He scooped her into his arms.


“Happy belated birthday baby,” he whispered into her ears.


“Thanks,” she said, sipping her fizz.


“Let’s drink to your good health and our happy times ahead,” he said.



He poured himself a measure of fizz and proposed a toast which they drank to.


They tried to talk but it wasn’t coming up fine. The strain in their relationship was obvious. They had grown so far apart!


“So you got yourself a birthday gift? That’s good. Which brand of car?” He asked.


“It’s out there in the garage. You go check it out yourself,” she told him.


They talked some more and he announced that he was going out to see the car.


“Oh that’s nice. Let me get you the keys,” she said and went inside.


Moments later, she came out with a lone key and gave it to him.


“A friend of mine is having a birthday gig tomorrow evening. I’m attending,” she told him, adding, I’m going to sleep”.


“It’s okay,” he said.


It was past 8pm on a Friday night. He was going out with friends anyway.
When he went out to check out the car, she went into her bedroom and fastened the locks. Jay’s phone, which had been on silent mode, had been ringing non stop and without checking it, he had an idea who it could be. Immediately he stepped out of ear shot, he returned her call.
“Yes I’ll be there. Give me one hour dear,” he said and ended the call.


He could not believe his eyes when he saw the beast of a vehicle in his garage. It was an SUV! He unlocked the doors, got inside and turned on the ignition. The perfect engine purred into life. He opened the glove compartment and checked the documents. They were all in order, in Adele’s name. He put everything back in its place and checked the vehicle all over again and smiled. He’d always known that his wife had a masculine taste in cars.


He had no words to say to Adele after seeing the SUV. What would he have said? If she could give herself such a birthday gift, then, he didn’t exist in her life. Unfortunately, he wouldn’t be able to give her any gift because he couldn’t think of what he could give her that would be better than what she got herself. To think that he forgot her birth date! He had missed out on three important days he could have attempted to make up with her -the International Women’s Day, Mothers’ Sunday and her birthday!


He dropped the car key on the centre table and went into his room to get ready for his night out with the boys.
Meanwhile, in her room, Adele was on the phone with Blossom.


“Sister, you won’t believe it. You will see it tomorrow. I’ll bring it. It’s beautiful,” she said.


“Oh yeah. I trust you dear. What did Jay say about it?” She asked.


“Nothing yet. He’s just gone out to look at it. Does it really matter what he says?” She said.


“Do you know that Tyrone hadn’t been home in days? I don’t know what to do again. I don’t know where he sleeps,” Blossom said.


“Don’t get yourself upset over that dear. Only a widow knows where her husband is every night…Sis, let’s talk later, a call is coming in,” she said.
“Him?” Blossom asked.
“Yes, him,” she said with a giggle.


Immediately she ended her call with Blossom, she dialed his number.


“Baby, I’m short of words. I still can’t believe it. It’s like a dream. I don’t want to wake up from it,” she said slowly.


The cool baritone sang into her ears, “My dream, I told you I’d do anything to make you happy…”





She must have slept for a long while for when she opened her eyes, it wasn’t as dark again. She had the presence of mind to be cautious. After a while, her eyes got used to the hazy weather and she could make out a few things.


Her heart almost stopped beating when she saw the heap to her right. Then she remembered the old man she kicked until he collapsed.


Did he die? Did she kill him? She shivered. There was no movement around her so she guessed that her abductors had left. It could only mean one thing. She was not accepted as sacrifice and her heart burst into a song. She felt pity for the old man.


She could hear some sounds faraway. Like vehicles speeding off. They must be close to a road. She had no wristwatch, and therefore had no idea of time. She reasoned that it would be better for her to stay where she was until dawn. She wondered where they dumped her and the old man.



All she knew was that they left the kidnappers’ den in a vehicle. They drove for a long time before they alighted and trekked for what seemed like hours to their present location.


She wondered what would be going through her mother’s mind right now. Her family would be so worried right now, not being able to get her on the phone. Maybe his brother had even gone to her house and had been told that she hadn’t been seen in more than a week. Tears ran down her cheeks.


If she got out of this alive, she would turn a new leave.


Did the prophetess visit Jay’s house? What if she did and met Jay’s wife? What if she got her arrested? She had a feeling Jay was in trouble with his wife because she forgot her handbag on their dinner table. Unless Jay saw it first and picked it. Then, her heart almost stopped beating as she remembered the content of her handbag. She had stolen some documents from Jay’s wardrobe and his phone which she stole was also in that bag! Haaaaaaaaaaa! She just must keep as faraway from Jay as possible if she got out of this alive…yeah, if she got out of this alive.


The heap moved and her heart lightened. The old man wasn’t dead! She watched as he struggled and sat up.


It was getting brighter and she could make out the man’s face. It wasn’t the old man that kidnapped her. The old man that kidnapped her was very dark and had flat nose. The man sitting a few feet from her was fair with a prominent nose. Oh no! She could have killed an innocent man, a fellow victim!


She stood up and the man turned and saw her. He screamed and started begging her not to kill him.


“They took my car and everything I had in it. Please don’t kill me,” the man pleaded.


“Good morning sir. I’m not a killer. They kidnapped me for ritual. I’m lucky to be alive,” she told him quietly.
The man stopped shivering and asked, “Have they gone?”


As if in response, a twig snapped nearby and they both froze…


Let’s continue this journey on Sunday!


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