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Time to pop some bubbles




Christmas is here again and the merriment has begun virtually in all homes around the world. Of course there is no proper party without good wine to go with and champagne tops the list of wine that will be popped this season.
As with all occasions, excitement always precedes the time to pop champagne but a lot of people make mistakes and don’t know the actual way this can be done.
So we bring you tips to follow in this regard.

Don’t Pop It!
Popping the cork is always a dramatic and fun way to open a bottle of champagne. Of course, always be careful as to where you’re aiming when you do this. The issue with opening this way though is that it can get messy and you can lose a lot of the champagne and be left with a messy floor. The best way to open a bottle is as follows: set it on a surface, remove the foil covering, untwist and remove the metal cage wire, keep a hand over the cork so it doesn’t unexpectedly fly off and potentially hurt someone, twist the bottle, not the cork and wait until you hear the sigh of the cork releasing from the bottle. By using this method, you will avoid loss of bubbles, champagne, (maybe a little fun), and gain a better tasting experience. After the bubbly has been opened, store it in a metal bucket with half ice and half water. This will keep it at the cool serving temperature.

The Classic Mistake
Once the bottle has been opened and ready to serve, we advise not to pour it into the traditional flute glass. They make the champagne look nice, but these glasses cause for less aroma. The coupe glasses also create problems for the champagne, as the large width of the glass causes the bubbles to disappear too fast and once again you’re left with fewer aromas. The best glass for serving champagne would be one with a tulip shape. It expands in the middle of the glass and has a smaller width at the top. It is the glass that produces the most bubbles and fine scents on the nose, and crisp, refreshing flavours. Merry Christmas!

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Body & Soul

Mr. Real: Street style savvy




Uchenna Okafor, popularly known as Mr. Real or Mr. ‘Legbegbe’ is a hip hop musician and the rave of the moment in the Nigerian music world.


Following the release of his single late in 2017, it became one of the most played songs in the clubs, radio stations and topping charts nationwide, he has become a household name and one of the most featured artists on the scene.


Mr. Real, who is one of the pioneer promoters of the rave of the moment dance style Shaku Shaku,’ performed at the finale of the just concluded 2018 BBNaijaDouble Wahala’ reality show.

Born and raised in Abule Egba, Lagos, Mr. Real is an Igbo boy that speaks Yoruba very well. He was a member of the defunct Plantashun Boiz band, which also had Tubaba and Faze as members. The fast-rising street pop artiste has been featured by Dbanj, Jaywon and other popular singers. He is also a nominee for the 2018 Headies Award for Best Street-Hop Artiste, along with Small Doctor, Olamide, CDQ and other artistes. Mr. Real has landed a recording deal with Sony Music Entertainment Africa.


He spots natural dreadlocks which he styles to suit his mood and style. He loves to wear dark shades and dress up in the hip street style reminiscent of American rappers.

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I don’t mind being called ‘old’ musician



African China was among the ‘happening’ musicians back in the days. But even as so many people would feel that his time has passed and the younger generation of artistes has overtaken him, the artiste said he doesn’t mind when he is being referred to as ‘old’ musician.

“I actually feel happy being called ‘old’. Yes, I am a musician of yesterday because I am not a child anymore. It is not an insult; it is an accolade. It is a good thing these young guys are here now doing their stuff. For me, you must be a good role model. We should not forget that everything that has time has season. Their time will pass too.

“You know in Nigeria, once you keep quiet for some time, people feel you are old and there is nothing new coming from you. But if you are able to show them that you still have that creative mind, it goes a long way. The business is all about creativity. So, over the years, I have been working under ground doing my stuff. I have come to realise that my kind of music has its time and season and I think this is the time.”


No matter how many artistes have come after him, African China still believes he made good use of the time he was prominent.


“Many of the people in my generation cannot work with their heads held high like I do today. I did not spend money lavishly on women, drinks or drugs. I now have something to fall back to. I don’t go all over the place to look for sponsors; if I want to do certain things, I will do it.


“I made good use of my time. I partied a lot, I drank too, but I used my head and I did not abuse my time. I only partied when I was invited to a party. I don’t just follow friends to the bar. I don’t smoke, I never smoked.”

African China still believes that no matter the number of young generation on the scene at the moment, he would still be relevant.

“I was relevant 20 years ago when I sang Crisis and 19 years ago when I sang Mr. President,” he said.

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Body & Soul

Many actresses were envious of my skin colour



Nollywood actress, Queeneth Hilbert has claimed so many of her colleagues were so jealous of her when she came into Nollywood especially because of her skin colour.


The bi racial actress whose father is Lebanese, said some Nollywood actresses saw her as a threat and weren’t comfortable with her sudden rise in the industry.


“I would say my skin colour brought me this far in the industry. When I came into Nollywood, there were lots of envy because of the colour of my skin. But over the years, they had to accept me for who I am. There was nothing they can do about it; my colour is here to stay.


“I was surprised when I was nominated as the most beautiful girl in Nollywood. I hadn’t even stayed up to two years in the industry when that nomination came. I felt good but I wasn’t comfortable initially. It brought some kind of ‘beef’ between me and my older colleagues. But now, I don’t even listen to what people say. I do my thing. If I had listened to what people say about me, I wouldn’t have reached this level in my career. People will always talk.


“When I was much younger, people didn’t want to be around me because of my complexion. Back then, I was the lightest girl in school. I was always noticed and so many people weren’t happy about it just the same way it is in Nollywood. People are just getting to accept me now,” she said.


Even with some controversies that have trailed her since she joined the industry, Queeneth said she wouldn’t bulge and she is not ready to leave the industry.


“I intend to remain an actor, I am not planning to quit. I don’t care about the scandals that come with the nature of my job. People see me as controversial. I try to avoid controversies but yet, they keep coming. There is nothing else I can do about it. I have developed a thick skin,” she said.


A single mother of one, Queeneth explained in bits why the relationship with the father of her son didn’t work out.

“It didn’t work out with my ex. I met him along the same time I started doing something that makes me happy and that is acting. If along the line he decided that I should quit acting because he wanted to make me his wife, that will not work. For now, I intend to focus on my career. I don’t want any form of distraction. For now, I have not seen any man I would want to get married to. When I see him, I will know. It is not easy to be a single mum anyway.”


Talking about what how her future would be, Queeneth said, “I want to have a foundation and I want to produce my own movies. I plan to become better.”


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