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Why God embarks on aggressive forgiveness (2)



Why God embarks on aggressive forgiveness (2)

Did you notice why I call that parable, Running Father? Watch an old man running across the town, through the market and running with all his strength. Can you see embarrassment and how people would come out to watch what went wrong?

Do you know that some concerned relations and friends could run after the man to catch him or prevent him from embarrassing the people? The man was just right and not in insane – running to offer the son Aggressive Forgiveness.

It was his joy. That was how the Lord ran across the road to offer Bishop Moses Olaka Kattey Aggressive Forgiveness, and when I accepted it the whole HEAVEN REJOICED! Pick yours by faith now – the package of Aggressive forgiveness and Heaven will rejoice.

He has forgiven your because of Jesus Christ…….(Luke 15:7).

Reason No. 2 (why God forgives)

Back to our case in 2 Corinthians 2 where Apostle Paul was pleading for forgiveness on behalf of the same person he directed to be punished and hand over to Satan.

God so good, he did not allow the devil to take over. He Paul pleaded that the sorrow and depression of the man could be described as “over much sorrow”, in other words, not to be swallowed up by sorrow for that would cause harm to the entire church.

This is one good reason the Lord runs very fast to forgive us: I spoke unkind word to someone sometime ago.

While I was looking for opportunity to apologise, the “Accuser of our brethren” constantly reminded me of the unkind words I spoke and attempting to condemn me.

As long as you feel condemned or guilty, you will not escape from the vicinity of sorrow.

I suddenly remembered that was an occasion to drag me down even though the Lord has forgiven me. It was only when I rebuked the devil, my accuser, and I had peace and received joy.

As long as you fail to receive or accept forgiveness offered from God through Jesus sacrifice on the cross, be careful so as not to be “swallowed by over much sorrow”.

The Lord hastens to forgive us our sins to avoid being swallowed by over much sorrow which sometimes leads to suicide thoughts.

I met a lady one day who cried for almost a period of 3 days without consolation.

She said that she committed unforgiving sin. I do not know what she did however but I tried to point to her to the scriptures and persuaded her to accept forgiveness from God.

It was tough but she finally ACCEPTED and RECEIVED forgiveness.

Immediately her joy was restored.

*1. Cancerous growth suspected. Go for test, it will be negative. God assures you. Do not get worried.

  1. Itches in hidden part? Pray for water and wash that place once a day for 3 – days.

God will heal you.

  1. Wound / sore that has lasted more than expected? God will heal you.

Sow a seed into life of a very sick person, i.e, give him/her an expensive gifts or money.

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