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How to wear a perfect Matte lipstick



How to wear a perfect Matte lipstick


Matte lipstick is a waterproof long lasting lipstick. It just makes sense and unlike the glossy or sheeny lipsticks, matte lipstick stays put the longest and it stays only on the lip which means no mess on cups, clothes, or other people’s faces. They come in different shades so on the flip side, matte lipstick longevity means you’ll want to find colours that you can live with all day.
In applying this lipstick, one must be very careful so you don’t mess it all up and here are some tips;
• Peel off dry skin on the lip so as to make your lip smooth by exfoliating because the lipstick is not glossy and if your lip is dry, you might not get it right.
• Moisturize your lip because the matte lipstick tends to dry out the lip and cause cracks on the lip after applying your lipstick.
• After moisturizing your lip, pick a colour that best suit your skin tone and it’s advisable to pick a colour that suits any event that is not too dark and not too pale. You can go for colours like red, pink or nude.
• You can line your lip to give it colour and make it look more elegant.
• After doing all these, make your lip outline look precise and you can do this by cleaning the edges of your lip for mistakes or excesses.

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