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Fulani herdsmen: Gen Akinrinade bombs Buhari, INEC advocates state police



Fulani herdsmen: Gen Akinrinade bombs Buhari, INEC advocates state police

Former Chief of Defence Staff and chieftain of National Democratic Coalition (NADECO, Lt Gen Alani Akinrinade rtd yesterday took a swipe at President Muhammadu Buhari over his handling of Fulani herdsmen crisis and the killing that have taken place in different parts of the country.

Akinrinade who was the chairman of the first-anniversary lecture of Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu SAN of Ondo State also criticized the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) for admitting that it registered underage voters in Northern part of the country because of the threat to lives of its officials.

Besides, the NADECO Chieftain who was in trenches with pro-democracy activists during the regime of late Gen Sanni Abacha recommended the creation of state police as a panacea to series of insecurity challenges in the country.

In his remark on the lecture titled “rethinking the Nigeria Nationhood: issues and challenges” delivered by a professor of law, Prof Akin Oyebode, the NADECO chieftain expressed worry that herdsmen have been on the rampage for several months killing, maiming, raping, burning, kidnapping without any efforts by the Federal Government to stop them.

His words “ it was recently when our president was called out as the patron of his kinsmen, the herdsmen, that letters of complaints and its denials between the Federal executive, the police and governors in distress started circulating that he gave feeble, unclear, half-hearted order to stop the carnage. Let us allow history to deliver its verdict after much more have died, but I am certainly tired and ashamed of being classified as a barbarian.”

While calling on governors of the Southwest geo-political zone to stand up and defend their lands against the herdsmen marauders, Akinrinade said any further attack of the likes of Chief Olu Falae may lead to anarchy in the country.

In his criticism of INEC for registering underage voters in the North, Akinrinade said “the past two or so years in our country, appears to be like a tragic thriller movie in slow motion, full of abject cruelty of the highest order of barbarity, edged on by those we elected or selected to give us governance.

“The clock has started ticking again to the periodic bloody ritual of election without the electorate. Or how do you rationalize the INEC admitting recently that they were registering hoards of toddlers for election in the Northern part of Nigeria on the pains of death.

“What then happened to our humongous financial outlay of seven infantry Army Divisions, a mighty Air Force and a Navy that supposedly rule our portion of the seas, hundreds of thousands of policemen and numerous other gun totting formations, when mere threat of violence is all that is required to hold sway over law and order?

“Or are these python dancing? Where are the men who refuse to do the wrong things? Could INEC not have withdrawn their services and closed down all facilities? Collaborators?

On the need for the state police, Akinrinade said it was wrong for a governor who was elected to make law for the good of his people could not implement those laws.

In his lecture, Prof Akin Oyebode took a swipe at the Federal Government for dumping the report of the 2014 National Conference which proffers solutions to myriads of problems bedevilling the country.

Oyebode, who said “Nigeria either restructures or dies” argued that people are not showing allegiance to their country because the government has refused to defend them.

According to him, the military regimes which had ruled the country before dismantled the federal structure and imposed quasi-unitary constitution framework on the people which ensure that the country remained work in progress almost sixty years after independence.

Meanwhile, Akeredolu has presented gifts to sportsmen and students who have excelled in their chosen fields in the last one year.


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