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Valentine Day Special: Condoms sale increases by 70% — Survey



As Nigerians joined the rest of the world to celebrate St Valentine’s Day on Wednesday, a survey has indicated that was about 70 per cent increase in the sale of condoms and contraceptives purchased mainly by fun seekers.

A check by the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) around Oyingbo, Yaba, Ikeja and University of Lagos (UNILAG) on the day shows that there was an increase in the sale of the materials for safe sex.

NAN reports that though there are many diverse historic stories surrounding how St Valentine’s Day came to existence, the most celebrated account is about a Roman priest beheaded in the third century.

The date is for the celebration of what many chose to call season of love is Feb. 14.

Arguably, no one can agree on exactly what he did or why he was executed but some legends say St. Valentine was a bishop in Terni, Italy.

He was said to have healed the sick, including the blind daughter of a prison guard whom he met while in jail for practicing Christianity in a pagan world.

Some say he was sentenced to death because he tried to convert Emperor Claudius to Christianity.

Others yet say the sentence came because he was caught secretly performing weddings, defying a ban on marriage that had been imposed by the Emperor as a solution to a military recruitment crunch.

The check by NAN on the supermarkets, chain stores and kiosks around Lagos showed that condom sales are on the increase with the sellers’ acknowledging the increase in their sales.

At Anifat Stores, Oyingbo road, there was about 80 per cent increase in the sale of condoms according to the shop owner, Mrs Anifat Adebiyi.

Adebiyi said that it was expected that there should be a major increase in the sale of condoms and contraceptives because there would always be an increase in sexual activities on such a day.

“We do have a sharp increase, and it is expected we have more sales during Valentine’s Days because that is the day many will want to express themselves.

“We are expecting more sales because many will still come to buy, but we don’t normally increase the price of the condoms.

“Condoms are in various qualities depending on the one the consumer may want to buy. It is a season everybody wants to show love through love making.

Another Kiosk owner at Oyingbo said that he was expecting his supplier to give him more quantities because he was almost out of sale.

“I am expecting my supplier for more condoms because there will be more demand today being Valentine’s Day.

“I always have increase in the sale of condoms during Valentine days and it is expected because many anticipate that,’’ he said.

Another check by NAN to the University of Lagos (UNILAG), Akoka shows a lots of Valentine’s Day celebration going on in the campus.

Students in the mood of the season of love showed that they were in the celebration garb with many regarding the day as a time to express undying love among themselves.

Many of the students were dressed in red typifying the colour of the day, while many were also dancing to the music blaring at the popular student arcade from a stand by DJ.

A student in the Department of Education, Kofoworola Majekodunmi, said that it was a day when immoral activities were at its peak because of what many ascribed the day to be.

“ Valentine’s Day is a day for lovers and fun for loved ones, families and friends. It is a day set aside for immoral activities and socials.

“This is also when illicit affairs commence more because people’s perspective says it is a day for lovers and friends,’’ she said.

The Assistant Secretary-General of Anti-Aids Club in the university, Joshua Ogunmola, a student of English Education, said Valentine is a day for lovers, but the club advises students on the need for safe sex.

He said the club preached on the ABC of Sex Abstinence, Be faithful and use Condom; especially Abstinence.

He said that many packs of free condoms were distributed to students.

“The rate at which condom sells during the Valentine Day is about 70 to 80 per cent this is a result of the celebration of today.

“The students want to show appreciation, love and have fun. People abuse this day by luring girls into immoral sexual activities in the name of love and valentine.

Longe Omotosho, a student of Department of Education, emphasised the negative effect saying that people abuse the day by indulging in illicit affairs, most especially students who say is meant for lovers.

“Students should learn to abstain and show love without indulging in illicit affairs which says in the commandment “Thou shall not commit adultery’’.

NAN reports that the kiosks and chains of supermarket said the increase in condom sales is much and the belief that Valentine’s Day is meant for fun and entertainment fuelled the sales.

Meanwhile, many organisations, including the Federal Government had cautioned youths on the use of condoms and abstinence from sex on Valentine’s Day.

Dr Sani Aliyu, Director-General, National Agency for the Control of Aids (NACA) on Wednesday urged youths to play safe and stay protected while celebrating Valentine’s Day.

Aliyu made the call at the commemoration of 2018 World Condom Day in conjunction with Valentine’s Day celebration in Abuja.

He also enjoined youths to get tested and know their HIV status.

He said it was important for youths in the country to play safe and stay protected during this season of Valentine to arrest the transmission of new HIV infection.

“It is important for our youths to stay protected, HIV is still much around and the best way for them to protect themselves from HIV is through abstinence.

“However, if they cannot abstain from sex, then they have to use a barrier protection. Yesterday and today is an opportunity for everyone to get tested for HIV.

“All youths should get tested to know their status; it is very easy and not painful.

“Persons who test positive will be placed on medication that will help them live a normal and healthy life, while those negative should take necessary precautions to protect themselves and their loved ones,’’ Aliyu said.

Also, Dr Greg Abiaziem, the Acting Country Programme Manager, AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF), said the event was targeted at increasing awareness and to promote the prevention of HIV and Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs).

“Others include safer sex, condom use and its role in preventing HIV and unwanted pregnancies.

“It is important to ensure that condom option was made available as preventive measure to youths who can’t abstain from sex as new HIV infections is highest among young people from 15 to 24 years,’’ he said. (NAN)


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Eric Many slams fresh N267million lawsuit on Runtown




The on-going legal battle between Nigerian singer, Runtown and his record label, Eric Many is far from over.

The label who initially issued a court injunction against him a few months back claiming damages of N65 million naira back then has just slammed the singer with a N267 million naira suit at the Federal High Court, Abuja.

According to the label, the new court Injunction was slammed on Runtown because he is owing the label N267 million and he has not also adhered in line to deliver his album appropriately and he has deliberately tried to register the name Runtown without the label’s consent and abscond from contract.

According to a statement by the label’s general manager, Johnson Adumike, ‘as you are aware, lately we have been in Court with Runtown over copyrights issues with regards to two collabo videos he made without our prior approval. Truly, the much-publicized legal action at the Federal High Court in Lagos was, contrary to what many believe, not on the entire contract we signed with Runtown. It was only on the unapproved collabo videos and we claimed general damages of about N65 Million for the copyright infringement’.

He went on to add that, ‘we had thought that Runtown would see reason to retrace his steps on our Contract following the ‘warning case’ on copyright infringement. This was not to be as he took to the social media, especially Twitter, dishing out insults on our Chairman, Prince Okwudili Umenyiora, boasting that he was no longer with Eric many. His elder brother joined on Instagram boasting that his company ‘JSparrowMedia’ is now the person booking Runtown’s shows and no longer Ericmany. Under our Contract, the professional name ‘Runtown’ and other names are licensed to Ericmany. Yet Runtown went to Trademarks Registry in Abuja and has been working to take the names from us’.

‘These and many other issues thrown up by the copyrights suit confirmed to us that indeed Runtown had walked out on us. We therefore decided to sue him for comprehensive breach of contract, to the sum of N266,694,755’.

‘While our Contract is supposed to fall due for expiration on 22nd June 2018, Ericmany now has an outstanding balance of about N266,694,755.08 to recoup on our investment and expenses on Runtown’s career. He is also yet to deliver an Album which the Contract requires him to deliver to us during the Contract period. The Contract spells out the procedure for the production of the Album. Runtown is yet to initiate the procedure, whilst he focuses on Abuja Trademarks Registry scheming on how to make us lose grip of his professional name’.

‘Last Wednesday, 23rd May 2018, following the advice of our lawyers, we withdrew our case at the Federal High Court on the collabos to have more time and focus to pursue the case of breach of contract. Our lawyers had advised that since the breach of contract and recovery of our outstanding sum of N266,694,755.08 is a bigger picture, it would be more reasonable to drop the copyright case and focus our energy on the contract case. We accepted this advice and gave a go-ahead for the Lagos Case to be withdrawn’ he said.

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Zaaki Azzay: Day fans rejected me without my torchlight



Zaaki Azzay is a popular Nigerian musician and producer of the television talk show ‘True Nigerian’. In this interview with TONY OKUYEME, the Benue State born singer, talks about his music career, marriage, herdsmen killing, among other issues


What inspired you to go into music?

I wanted something that will touch people’s lives positively. I wanted to contribute to humanity, mankind positively. Also, as a child, I noticed that each time there was a small dispute amongst us as kids, once I sang to my friends it sort of settled it. And it continued like that from primary school to secondary school. I was using my song to settle disputes.

What were the challenges?

The major challenge was that where I am from, the northern part of the country, in those days we used to hear of bad things – armed robberies, corpses on the streets in Lagos. So nobody from the North wanted to ever come to Lagos. And I was very popular in Kaduna in those days.

I used to mime Michael Jackson’s songs. I was on television, everywhere, but I wasn’t satisfied. I wanted to be recognized internationally. I had to overcome my fear and come to Lagos. So, the greatest challenge I had that time was that they see you as a rascal once you say you want to do music. Nobody encourages you. Even my parents kicked against it. I remember then my parents asking me to join the Army or Police. At a point, I ran to Lagos against their will, and started my music career. My father disowned me because of it, but when my songs came out and they were not vulgar or immoral, he forgave me.

Which of your albums gave you a breakthrough?

All the albums served their purposes. My first album titled Loaded introduced hip-hop in Nigeria. There was nobody playing hip-hop music at the time. I was the only one who introduced hip-hop music in Nigerian. If you remember, the artistes that were popular then were Onyeka Onwenu, Daniel Wilson, Blackky, Mandators, Majek Fashek and others. There was nothing like rap.

What inspired your song Na Me Go Marry Am?

When I was in Benue State, I used to have a girlfriend that I really wanted to marry, but her parents refused; they insisted that I could not marry her because of her religion.

What have you been doing?

I released a single titled “Invigilator”, about 10 months ago. And I am working on three singles, also in Hausa language. Also, I have just released a song on Benue killings. It is titled “Our Benue”.

Why the single? What is your opinion about the killings by herdsmen?

I must say that words cannot express how sad I feel. I was born and brought up in Kaduna State, and I remember how peaceful Kaduna used to be before it was turned upsidedown. The same way they are trying to do with Benue State now; the same way Plateau State was one of the most peaceful states in the North, but today, it is not like that again. Kaduna State today is not the Kaduna we used to know. Now it is Benue State. So, it is like a deliberate thing that is going on in Nigeria.

As a child I knew that the Fulani people and the Tiv people used to live peacefully. I don’t know where this killing is coming from. I think there is a lot of foul play in it. I think Nigerians who have other intentions are probably using this to achieve their aim. When something happens in Nigeria, p e o p l e take it as an opportunity for political or religious or ethnic desire. They capitalize on any small clash.

One of the major problems in Nigeria is the high percentage of illiterates; that is one major problem that is destroying us in Nigeria. I am heartbroken, and I wish there is something I can do. I have lost count of how many close people, close relatives – uncles, their wives, children – that have been killed. It is very painful, especially at a time when we have the kind of governor that we desire for Benue State to progress.

I think the federal government is really not doing enough. I think the Federal Government can do more. The Police are doing their best. Maybe the federal government is not equipping the Nigerian Police enough to do their job.

What is your take about the quality of music by the young ones these days?

I think Nigerian music has come of age. There is growth. In those days before you travel abroad to perform, it is only once in a year. But these days even in two months you could have travelled about three times. So, our music has grown to international level. Nigerian music is accepted all over the world. I remember, I was in Paris to perform, and the cab that picked me at the a i r por t , the radio s t a t i o n was playing Nigerian music. The entertainment industry is capable of providing e m p l o y – ment for half of the population of Nigerian youth, if structured properly.

Can you recall your most embarrassing experience?

Yes. I went for an event; it wasn’t my event. I was in the hall, and they asked me to come on stage and say hello to the people.And I got on stage and the crowd was protesting. I don’t know what happened that day; I didn’t go with my torchlight because I wasn’t expecting to be there. So, the people in the hall were protesting and even booing that I should go back and bring my torchlight. They insisted that if I don’t produce the torchlight then it means I must be a fake.

Initially, I thought they were joking but when it became obvious that they were serious I had to go outside and started looking for a security man to borrow me his torchlight. Luckily, somebody gave me a torch, and I went back. It was then they started hailing me and shouting. Before then, I was really embarrassed.

You always carry a touch light with you every time. Does it have any spiritual significance?

The torchlight is a covenant that I made with God. No matter how rich, famous or big I become I will not deviate from focusing on God. That is why I carry the torchlight.

What is your take on frequent marriage breakups in the entertainment industry in Nigeria?

We’ve all had our shares, but I think that a lot has changed from the days of our fathers. Westernization, technology, a lot of things have contributed to change marriage. People don’t value marriage again like before.

There are a lot of values, like sex, in those days that hold marriages together. Sex was valued very well in a marriage setting in those days. It was valued well in a marriage setting. But now sex is everywhere.

People don’t value the institution called marriage anymore. I think it is because people are deviating from ways of God. For me, no matter what the future brings, technology, modernisation, I chose to stay on course with the ways of God.

If you have the fear of God you will know how to treat your wife properly; and if you have the fear of God, as a woman, you will know how to treat your husband properly. I think people are just going to church these days just to show off their clothes or to be seen as righteous people.

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Linda Ikeji claps back at trolls on pregnancy out of wedlock



With the euphoria of her pregnancy announcement and baby bump photos yet to completely disappear, blogger, Linda Ikeji, has had to clap back at internet trolls who are saying getting pregnant out of wedlock is against what she has always preached.

The highflying media mogul had posted a lengthy message on her blog announcing her pregnancy and the untold joy she feels knowing her bundle of joy is on the way.

However, with trolls having a field day on her being pregnant without being married yet, Linda Ikeji took to Twitter days ago to defend herself. “And I’ve lived by it (celibacy before marriage). But then I turned 36 and I knew there was nothing else I wanted more than to be a mum & wife and celibacy wasn’t going to get me that! I even did a video talking about how much I wanted these two things and God has finally answered my prayers.

Beyond blessed,” she tweeted while stating she felt it was the right time considering her age. Going further, the multimillion media entrepreneur, said she preaches celibacy to young girls because she feels it is only right for them to live that way until they meet the right person. “I preached celibacy to young girls because I feel that’s the right way to live until you meet someone very special that you love & who loves you and wants to be in a committed relationship with you.

Passing body around and having multiple partners is not the way and I stand by it,” she added before deleting the tweets not long after. Before the announcement of her pregnancy, which was confirmed by her sister, Laura Ikeji Kanu via Instagram on Sunday, she recently announced her engagement to a man whose identity remains hidden.

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