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POLITRICKS: Activist flows with the tide



POLITRICKS: Activist flows with the tide

Forming a Civil Society Organisation (CSO) is a trend in Nigeria today, considering the rate at which individuals and groups of people are becoming emergency human rights activists.


Looking at what is applicable in other climes, right activists are expected to be the voice of the downtrodden, oppressed and the less privileged but in Nigeria, most leaders of the CSOs have deviated from the norm as they now wine and dine with the powers that be at the expense of the people they ought to fight for.


Politricks gathered from multiple sources that due to financial constraints, a human rights activist, who is the convener of many CSOs, has joined the camp of “Come and raid” group of activists.


The activist who is very vocal in the past, challenging anti-people policies has turn around to be a major supporter of government on issues he ought to protest against.

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