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Motoring Tips: 38 FRSC Traffic Offences & Their Penalties



Motoring Tips: 38 FRSC Traffic Offences & Their Penalties

The offences and their corresponding fines are as
listed below:


  1. Traffic light/sign violation •Penalty: N2,000


  1. Road obstruction •Penalty: N3,000


  1. Route violation •Penalty: N5,000


  1. Driver’s Licence violation •Penalty: N10,000


  1. Dangerous driving •Penalty: N50,000


  1. Speed limit violation •Penalty: N3,000


  1. Vehicle Licence violation •Penalty: N3,000


  1. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drug influence •Penalty: N5,000


  1. Driving with worn-out tyre or without spare tyre •Penalty: N3,000


  1. Driving without or with shattered windscreen
    •Penalty: N3,000


  1. Overloading •Penalty: N5,000


  1. Driving without seat belt •Penalty: N2, 000


  1. Driving a vehicle with forged documents •Penalty: N20,000


  1. Failure to report an accident •Penalty: N20,000


  1. Vehicle numbering plate violation •Penalty: N3,000


  1. Wrongful overtaking •Penalty: N3,000


  1. Road marking violation •Penalty: N5,000


  1. Caution sign violation •Penalty: N3,000


  1. Use of phone while driving •Penalty: N4,000


  1. Unauthorised removal of or tampering with road signs •Penalty: N5,000


  1. Do not move violation •Penalty: N2,000


  1. Inadequate construction warning •Penalty: N50,000


  1. Construction area speed limit violation •Penalty: N3,000



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