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Motoring Tips: 38 FRSC Traffic Offences & Their Penalties



Motoring Tips: 38 FRSC Traffic Offences & Their Penalties
  1. Failure to move over


•Penalty: N3,000

  1. Failure to cover unstable materials

•Penalty: N5,000

  1. Attempting to corrupt Marshal

•Penalty: N10,000

  1. Excessive smoking emission

•Penalty: N5,000

  1. Failure to fix red flag on projection load

•Penalty: N3,000

  1. Medical personnel or hospital rejection of road accident victim •Penalty: N50,000

  2. Assaulting Marshal on duty

•Penalty: N10,000

  1. Obstructing Marshal on duty

•Penalty: N2,000

  1. Custody Fee

•Penalty: N200 per day after 24 hours

  1. Driving without specified Fire Extinguisher

•Penalty: N3,000

  1. Driving a commercial vehicle without

passenger manifest

•Penalty: N10,000

  1. Driving a vehicle while under 18 years

•Penalty: N2, 000

  1. Riding motorcycle without crash helmet

•Penalty: N2,000

  1. Mechanically deficient vehicle

•Penalty: N5, 000

  1. Failure to install speed limiting device

•Penalty: N3, 000

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