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Motoring Tips: 38 FRSC Traffic Offences & Their Penalties



Motoring Tips: 38 FRSC Traffic Offences & Their Penalties

If caught violating a traffic rule and you wish to wave your right to a court trial, the alternative is to pay the prescribed fine for the particular offence.

In line with our vision to engender an enlightened society with emphasis on the automotive sector, Autojosh presents a list of FRSC traffic offences together with their corresponding penalties.

  1. Traffic/Sign violation

•Penalty: N2, 000


  1. Road obstruction

•Penalty: N3, 000

  1. Route violation

•Penalty: N5, 000

  1. Driver’s Licence violation

•Penalty: N10, 000

  1. Dangerous driving

•Penalty: N50, 000

  1. Speed limit violation

•Penalty: N3, 000

  1. Vehicle Licence violation

•Penalty: N3, 000

  1. Driving under alcohol or drug influence

•Penalty: N5, 000

  1. Driving with worn-out tyre or without spare tyre

•Penalty: N3, 000

  1. Driving without or with shattered windscreen

•Penalty: N3, 000

  1. Overloading

•Penalty: N5, 000

  1. Driving without seatbelt

•Penalty: N2, 000


  1. Driving a vehicle without forged documents


Penalty: N20, 000


  1. Failure to report an accident


Penalty: N20, 000


  1. Vehicle number plate violation


Penalty: N3, 000


  1. Wrongful overtaking


Penalty: N3, 000


  1. Road marketing violation


Penalty: N5, 000


  1. Caution violation


Penalty: N3,000


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