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Kindness, piety must not end with Ramadan, cleric tasks Muslims



Kindness, piety must not end with Ramadan, cleric tasks Muslims

  …as faithful bid 2018 Ramadan farewell


Kindness, piety and good conducts rampant among Muslim Ummah during Ramadan must not end with blessed month, Chief Missionary, Young Muslims Brothers and Sisters (YOUMBAS) Ogun state and Republic of Beni8n, Sheikh Najeemdeen Adesina Yusuf Aduralongba has tasked Muslims.

Sheikh Aduralogba who said this at the special Ramadan program and award ceremony by YOUMBAS in Obada village, Abeokuta, maintained that Ramadan has come to nourish our faith and we should not go back to all the vices that we have jettisoned during the month.

“Many Muslims have embraced Kindness, piety and good conducts and as we bid the 2018 Ramadan farewell, the fasting is ending but not with those good conducts,” he said. In the same vein, an Islamic cleric, Ustadh Daud Adewale Idris, has urged Muslims especially the youths to take care of their parents to earn the pleasure of Allah.

The Muslim scholar gave the advice at the 11annual Ramadan Lecture and Iftaar (breaking of fast) of the Daarul Ulumil Islamiyya fi- Naijiria (DUIN), Abuja.

He said kindness to parents is the dearest deed to Allah after prayers hence Islam use birr (kindness, compassion and benevolence) in connection with children’s attitude to their parents. “Parents are the most deserving of children kindness and compassion of man.

“The good treatments of parents can be the key to Paradise. On the other hand, bad behaviour towards them may result to punishment in hellfire. Unfortunately, man-made laws, in the name of freedom and individual right in the so-called civilized countries encourage children to rebel against their parents” he said.

The school’s director, Dr. Rafee Busayree Al-Ijebuwi, has urged the wealthy to provide food and other relief materials for the needy especially during the holy month of Ramadan. Meanwhile, the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) in their thousands took to the streets to commemorate this year’s International Quds Day.

They marched peacefully along the main city center on Ahmadu Bello Way chanting slogans calling for the freedom of Palestine from Israeli aggressions and the release of Sheikh Zakzaky, the leader of the IMN. Addressing teaming protesters at the close of the event, the head of the Kaduna center of the IMN, Sheikh Aliyu Tirmizi said the theme of his year’s protest is “Free Sheikh Zakzaky”.

“The Quds Day is set aside to show support for the oppressed people of Palestine and indeed other oppressed people of the world and is commemorated in all cities of the world” he said.

The Sheikh explained that the declaration of the Quds Day has created awareness on the suppression of innocent Palestinians by the illegal state of Israel and indeed founded a spirit of resistance against oppression.

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