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Federal might won’t work for APC in Ekiti – Akinlude



Federal might won’t work for APC in Ekiti – Akinlude

Chief Willy Akinlude is a chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). He speaks in this interview on the forthcoming governorship election in Ekiti State and the plans of the party to take over governance in Lagos State. WALE ELEGBEDE reports


What is your take on Saturday’s governorship election in Ekiti State?

Well, the facts are speaking for themselves about the election and it is clear to all and sundry that the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and Governor Ayo Fayose are on the ground with the people of Ekiti State and we are going to win that election. My only concern is the way and manner the APC and its candidate, Dr. Kayode Fayemi is brazenly displaying their desperation. Fayemi was even saying it that whether the people of Ekiti State vote or not, he will still win the election on Saturday. This statement depicts desperation and tells us that there is something this man knows that we don’t know.


The truth of the matter is that it will be near impossible for them to rig the election because you can only rig in a place where you are popular and when you are popular, you don’t even need to rig. The PDP is strong in the 16 local government of the state and the choice of our candidate and his deputy is also what gives the PDP edge ahead of the election on Saturday. However, my appeal to Fayemi and all the contestants is that they should tread softly and allow peace to reign on Saturday.


Are you worried that the APC might bring to bear its influence as the party at the centre to win the election?

We have heard about the ploy to use federal might on Saturday but it won’t work because the Ekiti people won’t allows it. There is no way such a thing can work because the PDP is strong and united in the state, and the people of the state are satisfied with Fayose and the governorship candidate of the PDP. Moreso, many Nigerians including Ekiti people have seen what the APC turned the country into under three years and they won’t want to domicile such style of governance in Ekiti. If the security agencies and INEC work against a free and fair election, they are working against their conscience, against the country and democracy.


If the APC wins the election that means the PDP doesn’t have any state in the South-West again…

What makes you think that they will win? Those who know politics even among the camp will tell you that the PDP will win the election from all indices on the ground. The people of the South-West are moving in droves to the PDP and after Ekiti on Saturday, it will be the turn of Osun State. Have you seen the level of mobilisation and support that Ogun PDP is garnering on a daily basis?


Will Ekiti election be the springboard for the 2019 election?

Yes! The outcome of this election will activate and deactivate so many things in the politics of 2019. How can Buhari say that he wants to come back in 2019 when Nigerians are being killed and are hungry? People are not satisfied with this administration. For the APC, the Ekiti election is the joker to activate their woeful image but they will be disgraced because Nigerians know better that they don’t have anything other than propaganda.


What is your take on the recent MoU signed by the PDP and some political parties ahead of the 2019 general election?

The political situation in the country warranted it and we must all come together to support this laudable move. This alliance is a child of necessity to save our country from imminent woes. The situation is so bad and some people need to save the country. God will assist us by wresting power from t he APC. The people are tired and you can see the frustration in the eyes of Nigerians. People have tested two husbands and they now know who is better. The PDP has gone to the drawing board and has reinvented itself for good governance and we are accountable to the people.

What is the state of Lagos PDP?

PDP is hale and hearty in Lagos State and the leadership of Hon. Moshood Salvador should be commended for this. He has been able to rally round every interest and we are united to take over Lagos come 2019. If the PDP gets to Alausa we will do better than what people are seeing in Lagos. Our party is gaining ground and we are welcoming defectors from APC in almost all the local governments of the state. The stakeholders in Lagos have resort to support the leadership of Salvador because it is clear that he is the only one that can take us to the promised land.

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