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I shot car dealer so that I wouldn’t pay N1m balance –Suspect



I shot car dealer so that I wouldn’t pay N1m balance –Suspect

Mr Abulkareem Sheu is the project manager of a company owned by his elder brother. He tried to kill a car dealer, Mr Yakubu Ayuba, in order to avoid paying him his N1million balance for a car he bought. The attempted murder stunned everyone who knew Sheu or had had dealings with him. Sheu, who graduated from the University of Abuja, where he studied Economics, like someone under a spell said: “I don’t know why the bullet didn’t penetrate Yakubu’s skull, and sincerely I don’t know what came over me that made me decide to kill him.

I have never done such a thing in my life before. I just wanted to kill him so that nobody would ask me about the money again.” The suspect started singing like a bird after operatives of the Inspector General of Police’s Special Intelligence Response Team (IRT), tracked and arrested him. Sheu became a guest of IRT after a complaint was lodged against him by Ayuba. The IRT operatives, led by a Deputy Commissioner of Police, Abba Kyari, were said to have swung into action after receiving the complaint.

Ayuba was said to have filed the complaint on April 15. According to Ayuba, Sheu came to his car stand in ‘Area A’ Abuja, asking to for a Passat car. They negotiated and agreed on N2.5m. based on trust, he handed the car over to Sheu with the original papers. Sheu took the Passat to Kaduna State and exchanged it for a Mercedes Benz and N200, 000.

He then drove to Jos, Plateau State and bought a gun with N70,000. When Sheu returned to Abuja, he called Ayuba to come and collect his money. When they met, Sheu brought out the gun and shot Ayuba at the back of his head. Shocked and losing blood, Ayuba grabbed Sheu’s pistol and tried to wrest it from him. In the ensuing struggle, the pistol fell on the back seat of the car.

They started fighting and Ayuba was able to sink his teeth into the neck of Sheu in a desperate bid to survive. While Sheu was screaming in pains, holding his injured neck, Ayuba ran out of the car and started screaming for help. Someone heard Ayuba calling for help and screaming armed robber and quickly alerted the police.

A police source said: “What really happened is that after the suspect shot the victim in the head, the victim still managed to struggle with him. The victim punched the hand holding the gun and it fell on the back seat of the car. They started fighting to the extent that the victim bit the suspect twice on his neck. The victim ran out of the car and started shouting armed robber. People were scared to go near.

“A Good Samaritan, however, called Mabuchi Police Station. The police raced to the scene, assisted him to hospital. They also took the car with them to the station. The suspect had already escaped. The police started investigation. The hospital where the victim was taken examined the bullet and carried out an x-ray, after which he was referred to general hospital. The suspect later returned to the scene of the crime to find out if the vehicle was still there, but it was not.

“He went to the police station and sighted the car and then left. After days of investigation, the policemen couldn’t crack the case. Someone later told the victim about IRT operatives and he went looking for them, with bullet still lodged in his skull. The IRT operatives started investigation and went as far as Gombe State to locate and arrest the suspect. He was brought back to Abuja. He added: “He confessed to have exchanged the Passat car he bought from the victim for a Mercedes Benz car and cash of N200, 000.

The Passat is worth almost N3m. When he collected the money, he moved from Kaduna to Jos, where he bought the gun. He said that he wanted to silent the victim, so that nobody would ask him for the car or balance of the money for it. IRT op-eratives have recovered the Passat car.” Sheu, 30, graduate of Economics, working as a Project manager in his brother’s company, described himself as a businessman, residing in Abuja. He said: “I came to Abuja in 2006, where I gained admission into the Abuja University to study Economics. After my graduation I joined my elder brother in his company. The company was into general contract and consultancy.

I am project manager of the office. I started working since 2009 and my brother usually paid me N80, 000. I later got married in 2015. “There was this friend of mine known as Adamu, he used to sell cars in Abuja. When I wanted to buy a car, it was Adamu that first came to my mind. I went to meet him at Area 10 and asked him if he had the type of car I wanted. He said that he didn’t, he then took me to Ayuba. Ayuba is a neighbour of Adamu’s. Incidentally, Ayuba had the type of car I wanted. I paid N900, 000 for the car. I then sent two boys from my brother’s office to go and pick the car for me.”

Some years later, Sheu wanted to buy another car, this time Passat CC2009 Model and he called Ayuba. Luckily for him, Ayuba had the exact car in his car stand. Sheu narrated: “I went and saw the car. I even drove the car to test it. He allowed me to take it home. We later agreed that the car would be sold for N2.5m. I gave him a post-dated cheque of N1.5m. He gave me the original papers to the car. I promised to pay him the balance of N1m at the end of the month. He gave me the car on Thursday and I took it to Kaduna State.” Sheu explained that when he got to Kaduna, he met another guy that deals in cars and decided to exchange the Passat car for Mercedes Benzes C180 and also collected N200, 000 from the dealer for the Passat. Sheu recalled: “The next day, I drove the car to Jos, Plateau State, where I met Aminu Mohammed.

He was my classmate in school. We bought a gun from a man known as Black market. I paid N70, 000 for the gun and was given two ammunition. The gun is a locally made pistol. The seller showed me how to use it. I then drove back to Abuja with the gun. When I got to Abuja, I called Yakubu and told him that his N1m balance was ready, that he should come and collect it. He told me that he was at home. “He lives around Apo Resettlement area. I drove to the area and picked him.

I took him to my office in Zone 5, Abuja and from there we went to Pape Junction to meet one of my colleagues. “We went through Banex Junction Mabuchi and I stopped the car at a place called Minister’s Field, because the place was very quiet place. “There were only a few people around; I removed the pistol from the back seat and shot him on his head. He hurled himself at me and started fighting with me. He bit me on my neck and the gun fell from my hand. “He ran out of the car and started shouting for help. He also left with the car keys. I became helpless. Before I knew what was happening, some thieves came to the scene and met me. They stole my phone and his phone, they even beat me up. I sustained some injuries after the fight.”

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