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Igbe community begs for attention



Igbe community begs for attention


There are several benefits a good road can be to a community ranging from economic growth to residential development. It is as a result of this the resident of Igbe community of Ikorodu lamented to the state government the bad state their major road is declining to in an interview with New Telegraph.

It was an evident condition as New Telegraph noticed that in a one-time visit to Igbe, several tricyclists and motorcyclists refused plying the road and for those who considered using the road, they were noticed to be charging unduly high prices.

In an interview with New Telegraph, Taiwo O blapade, a business woman in the area opined that the lasting solution that can come to the problem of the road is a good drainage. She believed that if a good drainage can be constructed, the water lock on the road would be reduced, thereby avoiding the diseases that can result from the stagnant water on the road.

According to her, the state in which the road is right now is affecting their sales as the road is a discouragement to many who would like to transact with them.

She however held the view that grading the road from time to time won’t end the deplorable state of the road but the government should try to effect adequate and lasting solution to the Igbe road.

As for them who do business in the area which there is large stagnant water, Taiwo told New Telegraph that they try as much as possible to fumigate their environment because of the weeds and mosquitoes in order to maintain sanity around their businesses.


Ibrahim Oshinade, a resident and businessman in Igbe, also had a lot to say on the unbearable state of the road. According to him, in years past, numbering to seven or ten years, the road was a recommendable route for driving lessons until recently that it has become rejected. The road is a major road easily linking Igbe to Ijede, another part of Ikorodu.


Ibrahim also noted that assuming the road was reconstructed, it would be effective in travelling to Ijede easily and make people avoid traffic jam trying to the expressway. He also added that, the road is making Igbe neglected as tricycles even some times motorcycles detest plying the road because of the many potholes on the road and the stagnant water as a result of the rain, sometimes from the Ikorodu garage, they will decline entering into the Igbe community or charge them excessively. “The state of the road is affecting sales and everything around here, people cannot sufficiently live on the investment and sales because patronage is low. For a road like this that is a major road and link road, we cannot but feel the effect when it goes bad,” he said.


According to him, his kind of business (sales of domestic gas) always makes him to pay more when trying to move in and out of the community. He pleaded that they cannot but request the government to come to their aid and make Igbe road as good as it used to be or even better
It was obvious that a lot of people who at different times have needs to use the road could not hide that dissatisfaction on the state of the road.

During New Telegraph’s visit to the axis, many who declined an interview session and pleaded to be anonymous expressed how it feels that the government is not interested in the growth of Igbe and keeps promising them without even fulfilling their promise. They believed that probably as election time is approaching they might feel the need to do something about the road for campaign reasons.

In an attempt to take pictures of the road many believed that it was a waste as that was not the first time pictures were being taken or report have been taken without effective actions afterwards.

In another interview with Rasheed Abiodun, a motorcyclist, who plies the Igbe road, while reacting to the allegation that passengers were being charged excessively from the bus stop to different areas around Igbe, he maintained the grounds that the state of the road was responsible for this.


He asserted that before the road degenerated into that, they were not charging more than N100 to take anyone to their destination form the bus stop, but since the road has become this bad, they cannot avoid charging additional prices to the previous fare.

As it stands now, the motorcyclist cannot charge below N200 to move anyone to their destination.


“The road and its bad state sometimes end up affecting our bikes. That is why we added to the fare,” he said.


Added to the fact that the road is in a very bad condition is that the rain has also added to the deplorable condition of the road.


At times when the rainy season gets intense, they avoid using the road and resort to use of other link road on the streets.

Among the streets which they ply are Feyisetan Street, Tunde Gbolade Street linking to Oreyo because the road is not even motorable for them at all.

“Though they have come to mark the road some six months again, we have not seen any action being taken yet,” Rasheed opined.

Another resident and trader of the axis, Ajoke Adeshina, pointed out that the road is in a very bad state and it will keep getting worse as the rain drops.

She told New Telegraph that for a stranger who doesn’t know the tactics of walking or moving on the road sometimes sink and need able-bodied men to lift them out of the mud. She also pointed the attention of New Telegraph to the stagnant water on the road, stating that the stagnant water sometimes becomes so large that it can drown people.


“The road is not even making their markets move as no cars can drive in to transact with them,” Ajoke complained. She appealed to the government to quickly come to their aid and make the road motorable again and solve the problem of weeds and stagnant water luring on the road.


It is understandable that when a thing is good at the beginning, using it always might make it wear out but regular maintenance of it will keep it in good shape for use. This was the opinion of Afeez Suleiman, a resident and School teacher in an interview with New Telegraph.


According to him, though the road used to be very smooth and good but the ineffective maintenance of it was what they are witnessing now, the road has become highly deplorable but they still have access to other escape routes to lead them to other parts of Ikorodu though these routes are longer than the Igbe road. Afeez was of the opinion that it seemed the government is not ready to come for the reconstruction of the Igbe road as they can see the development ongoing on other major roads. His take on the road is for the government to create a lasting solution for the deplorable state of the road and make sure it’s being maintained to avoid future defects.


Though they are still managing to use the Igbe road and still go about their everyday activities, the people of Igbe community could not hide their dissatisfaction on the state which the road has degenerated to. They thereby appealed to the respective quarters to come to their aid and put the rehabilitation of the Igbe Road into their plan of development.

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