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Never hide God’s weapons



Never hide God’s weapons

The Philistines gathered together to fight Israel, 3000 chariots, 600 horsemen, and people as the sand of the seashore. (1 Samuel 13:6). Meanwhile, there was no single weapon in the whole 12 tribes of Israel except the weapon with Saul and Jonathan his son (1 Samuel 13:22). The result was that the Israel soldiers had only sticks and pegs as weapons.


When they saw the Philistines in their numbers, they knew they had lost the battle, and ran away to hide themselves in caves, and in thickets, and in rocks, and in high places, in pits, in tombs, etc. Some of the Hebrews soldiers decamped to join the Philistines soldiers, crossing their borders to fight Israel. (1 Samuel 13:6).


When there is fear, and you hide, you are hiding the weapon of God for you are God’s weapon and battle axe (Jer. 51:2), you are hiding the strength of God and His Name.


Someone said when you are strong pretend to be weak; and when you are very weak pretend to be very strong, instead of hiding. This is a Military Rule. Don’t boast too much of your strength; and do not expose your weakness. Why hide in the graves and caves?


Let the weak say I am strong (Joel 3:10). Don’t  hide God’s weapon. Don’t hide God’s war equipment. You are His equipment. How did the Philistines capture the Ark of God from Israel? (1 Samuel 4:5, 8, 9).


The Philistines knew they were weak in the face of the God of Israel, but they followed Biblical principle unwittingly, and told themselves, Be Strong and quit yourselves like men … that ye be not servants unto the Hebrews, as they have been to you, quit yourselves as men and fight. Israel ran away into hiding places – hiding God’s WEAPONS.


When you fear and hide, you are hiding your divine weapon, your faith, your hope, your opportunities. Whenever you fear, you are hiding in caves and tombs. Do you know what it means to hide in tombs? Where dead people were buried and you hide on their bones! It is strategy of war to pretend to be weak when you are very strong, and to pretend to be very strong when you are very weak.


This is scriptural. I was praying in the spirit and I received the interpretation, tell them Please, come out, the war is over!


Come out the war is over. I remember that the Nigerian- Biafran War ended in January 1970 but about three years after that, some Nigeria soldiers who ran away into the bush when the Biafran soldiers attacked Onne Eleme, where Nigerian soldiers had retaken the town in 1968 or so. They did not even know that the war had ended in favour of Nigeria but were in the hiding.


They were seen about two or three years after the war in the forest and brought to the army camp. They were eating raw cassava and other fruits. Also 30 years after the World War 2 (WW 2) some Japanese soldiers were rescued.


Another set of soldiers were found still hiding and doing guerrilla warfare until 1995, that was 60 years after the World War 2. They did not know the War had ended.

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