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How is your apology tank?



How is your apology tank?

The word “love tank” is used by marriage counselors worldwide. I do not know who first coined and used it. Marriage counselors use it to refer to couples’ ability in not just only knowing what makes their spouses feel loved but also how to supply what makes them feel loved into their “love tank”. We have identified another invisible tank which we believe is in all humans. We call it the “apology tank”. What is an apology tank?


It is that invisible place in the soul of a human being from where apologies are demanded, supplied, stored and used.


If a person has not yet gone into marriage, it will be very proper for such a person to examine his or her apology tank. Just as it is not proper to drive a car with a leaking petrol tank, that is how it is not good to go into marriage with a leaking apology tank.


Somebody going into marriage should therefore try to discover his or her apology demand level, apology supply level, and quantity of apology he or she will need to fuel his or her life and keep it moving steadily and happily. It will not be out of place for people in courtship to discuss and know about the state of each person’s apology tank so that necessary repairs can be carried out through counseling before they get married.



The art of apology should be discussed, taught and understood if the marriage will enjoy good success. Every human that does not know how to apologize is not yet emotionally mature to go into marriage.


Those already married should also know about the state of their apology tanks and try to keep it in order. Are you the type who easily gets offended and demand to be apologized to often? Then, it means that there is a problem with your apology demand level and this puts your apology tank in an unhealthy situation.


Are you the man or woman who finds it difficult or struggles to apologize? This means that there is a problem with your apology supply level   and this puts your apology tank in a serious trouble.


It will take some people one or more hours or days for their spouses to fill them with the quantity and quality of apology that will make them happy again. If you belong to this category, it means that your apology quantity level has a serious problem which eventually puts your apology tank in a bad state.


I mediated in the case of a couple who lived in the same house for ten years without talking to each other because they refused to apologize to each other.


When you know that God will not hear your prayers when you decide not to forgive, you are likely to know how to accept apology or give out apology so that the spiritual atmosphere that God needs to act in your affairs will be provided. I pray for all of us that God will give us the wisdom to constantly put our apology tanks in order. Love you.

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