Announcing your love to your husband

A man told me and my wife Carol a story about a man who after spending a lot of money, time and energy lost a governorship primaries.This made him unhappy.But he had and still has a loving wife.Back home, the wife drew near her husband and with looks of love and support, she announced to her man “if the people of this state do not want you to be their governor, you are my governor any day”.

The man then bounced back to life. It is possible that the woman did not want her man to swim in the dirty waters of Nigeria’s politics like many wives do.But to his wife that did not matter again.

All that mattered to her was to play the role God created her to play in the life of a man: “And the lord God said it is not good that the man should be alone;I will make him an HELP meet for him” Gen 2:18. she was ready to HELP her husband through good times and bad times. Compare this with another man who accused his wife of witch craft.

The man complained that each time he wanted to venture into a business, the wife would always tell him that it will not work and it always turned out so.After each loss the wife says “when I advise you, you will not listen.

Can you now see where your actions have placed us financially?” The man therefore concluded that his wife was a witch.

A wife should learn to hail her man and bring out the man that is in him. The desire of a normal man is to be great and when such a man has a wife who knows how to massage his ego and fill his love tank with encouraging words such as “I can see the seed of greatness in you, and I know you will make it one day” and when he is going out to work in the morning instead of reminding him about the problems on ground, you should tell him things like,“my husband, may God be with you as you go to work. May you conquer”.

“My husband I love you and God be with you”. Such a man will feel loved and energized.

Apart from cuddling your husband at home, kissing him, giving him good sex etc one of the best ways wise women announce their love to their husbands is by loving the work their husbands do and lovingly cheering them on.

Every husband needs a fan at home, not an opponent.

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