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Posted on Jan 8 2017 - 1:17am by Sir.Harold Klemp

A man receives Divine Guidance to amicably resolve a dispute he has with the native landowners

•Mchivga Abelega, Abuja

Recently I decided to plan for my retirement from government service. As an ECKist, I have learned that I can design a plan for any desired change, ask for divine help and work with the Inner Master to realize my dreams. With a university degree in agricultural education, I had the required skill to establish a farm or a school.

I decided to do farming. It required a large initial capital outlay. Other hurdles faced me. To actualise my plans, I acquired a piece of land with titles from the government. I had to pay compensation to the original landowners.

So, I went to the local Area Council to begin the process of compensation. In time, the local landowners were invited and I paid them the agreed funds under the supervision of the Area Council.

When the six labourers I employed and I were clearing the land, we noticed that some armed local farmers had surrounded us. As their spokesman began to speak aggressively, the others charged towards us.

Before I could recover from the sudden shock, my workers had bolted out of sight! Not knowing how else to manage the situation, I risked staying back to confront them. While the spokesperson talked, I was singing HU and having a personal dialogue with my inner guide, the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master.

When the spokesperson came close enough, I pleaded for calm in a few words.

He acknowledged this by saying that if not for my peaceful mien, they would have cut me into pieces on their land. Then we had a lengthy dialogue, after which I realized that the piece of land had been in dispute between two communities before government took it over.

My inner guide nudged me to compensate this second community. However, despite my acceptance to compensate them, I faced other problems until I had doubts on my ability to continue with the project.

One night, in desperation, I sang HU for a long time and requested help from the Mahanta. Then I had a dream: I find myself on the land, digging for a precious thing. I excavate layers upon layers of land.

When I get to a certain level, I become tired and I consider giving up the project. A little more effort reveals to me a lustrous silver ECK symbol. When I awoke, my interpretation was that I should not give up on my desire to farm.

Soon after that, we settled amicably and I took possession of the land. This experience shows how I find direction in meeting the challenges in life by singing HU and requesting divine guidance. For this and many other blessings, I am deeply grateful to the Mahanta.


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