ACF cautions Yoruba on Ile-Ife killings

The Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) has appealed to Yoruba elders to desist from giving ethnic coloration to the arrest of suspects over the clash in Ile-Ife, Osun State, saying criminality knows no ethnicity or religion.

In a press statement issued by the National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Muhammad Ibrahim Biu, yesterday, the forum said regarding disagreements between individuals or groups of persons as ethnic or religious tend to deepen hatred and division among Nigerians.

The forum called for restraint among the various community leaders and urged them to document their grievances and channel same through known legal process of addressing such grievances,” rather than making provocative and inciting statement capable of creating disunity. ”

The statement pointed out that after the clash that happened at Ile-Ife between some Yoruba and Hausa traders, it condemned the killings and called on all and sundry involved to eschew bitterness and imbibe the spirit of accommodation and tolerance.

The pan northern group commended the prompt action taken by the security agencies, the Osun State government and community leaders to restore peace and normalcy in Ile-Ife.

It said however that subsequent events after the preliminary investigation report of the Police into the Ile-Ife crisis, there have been accusations by some Yoruba leaders that the Police report was biased , as the suspects paraded by the police were alleged to be mainly Yoruba.

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