Crisis looms at Lagos-Ibadan expressway axis (2)

Posted on Jan 12 2017 - 1:22am by Nduka Uzuakpundu

Didn’t they know that free, efficacious medical care was given to the genuinely physically-down, in the numerous, ultra-modern hospitals inside one of the expansive worship complexes run by dissemblers and workers of iniquity, whose activities have caused so many deaths and economic losses?

Inside the complex, there is a legion of what is called “Prayer Warriors”, who, it is claimed, possess unfailing, spiritual powers that could heal the sick.

The visionary orgainzers of a certain stubbornly, offending Cross gathering said that they built the ultra-modern hospitals and had resident prayer warriors, who had special, spiritual healing powers, not only in fulfillment of their corporate social responsibility (CSR), but, as well, to serve as compensating features for whatever offence their religious activities were certain to cause.

It’s their argument, still, that in the past twenty-five years, their religious gatherings had discouraged fatal accidents on account excessive speed by lawless motorists, who had thought that the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway was another Formula One turf.

And why not! They also posited that those who refused to join them in worshipping Christ, in their vast complex, would always be incurably sick or get caught up in the agonizingly slow, traffic jam about which they complain – with impotent rage, though.

But seriously, Christ is certainly not happy that there appears to be an unholy alliance – a conscious conspiracy, as it were – between the remorseless cheats and coldly calculating workers of iniquity, who organize such Cross gatherings that cause so much agonizingly slow, time-consuming traffic jam and criminals, on the one hand, and, on the other, road-side menders of vehicles rendered faulty after unusually long hours in the muscular, jet-speed-of-a-snail traffic jam, petrol dealers, transporters, who tap into the nasty traffic situation to increase fares, such petty traders as hawkers of water, snacks, gargantuan loaves of freshlybaked bread, soft drinks, citrus fruits, religious stickers, visors, gift items, all manner of poorly-printed, mini-flags of some well-known foreign countries, religious publications, textiles, biros, marking pens, cell phone recharge cards, imported, immaculate white handkerchiefs, spotless envelopes, anointing oil, etc. This is an unholy alliance that thrives on the hardship, which the parties to it cause their fellow human beings.

While diverse businesses boom – including crimes of extortion and mugging – the organizers of such Cross gatherings, are sure that the seasonal providers of goods and services, who make gargantuan profits, as a result, would gladly deposit a fairly generous fraction of same with them, as either tithe or offering – because ‘God loves a cheerful giver’!

This presupposes that there is a symbiotic relationship, as it were, involving the organizers of the offending Cross gatherings – the so-called anointed men of God – criminals, artisans and petty traders. Amen, somebody!

Still, it’s almost certain that given the arrogance and remorselessness with which the organizers of the offending Cross gatherings go about their activities– and, quite unfortunately, that of their swarm of viciously and hopelessly brain-washed followers – their prayers – and it matters less how fervent – will never be answered by Christ.

Truth is that those who genuinely worship Christ are ever cautious never, as a result of their activities, to cause unnecessary discomfort to their fellow human beings, because, Christ did say, somewhere in the synoptic gospel according to Matthew – the historian and ex-tax-collector: “do unto others, what you would like them do unto you.”

The Golden Rule, that is. Amen, somebody! There’s a curse on the offenders by a congregation of victims of their religious activities.

The misplaced arrogance of the organizers of the offending Cross gatherings would seem to have been steeled, lately, for, as one of the leading pastors of the offending churches told this writer: “Vice-President ’YemiOsinbajo is a member of our church.”

It was quite irresponsible of him, though, to have linked Osinbajo with the gargantuan lawlessness on the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway.

Besides, members of the Crescent are not happy. A legion of them, who have, on many occasions, fallen victims of the notorious, church-programmeinduced traffic congestion on the Lagos- Ibadan Expressway, told this writer, after Juma’at service, at Tom Jones, on Lagos Island, on August 5, 2016, and at the Lagos State Secretariat Mosque, Alausa, on August 19, 2016, that they saw the development as sure to cause, in the near future, a religious conflict – one that would be characterized by blood and fire.

It promises to be a miraculously ferocious Holy Ghost fire that would consume Nobel laureate, Professor Wole Soyinka, who lives 382 metres, somewhere off the expressway – where religiouslawlessness is regnant – in Ogun State, for evading tax, even after fasting for forty days and forty nights – in opaque solitary confinement– and receiving Holy Communion, during a combined service, in Prophet Brother Jero’s church.

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