POLITRICKS: Recession hits party chairman

Though 2019 general elections is still about two years away, the contest for elective positions has already started as politicians have started showing interests for the various positions up for grab.

While those who are presently occupying public offices are doing everything possible to retain their seats, some aspirants are strategising to unseat the incumbents at the state and federal levels.

And ahead of elections, the national chairman of one of the newly registered political parties is not leaving any stone unturned to ensure that his party remains relevance in 2019.

In what look like a sign that he has something in mind for 2019, the chairman has moved his party’s national secretariat from Abuja to Lagos State in preparation for the polls.

But Politricks gathered that though he claimed he is moving his party’s national secretariat to ensure effectiveness in next general elections, the real reason for the relocation is the high cost of rent in the Federal Capital Territory.

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