Beautifully bold in bespoke blue

The blue colour is quite calm, noble and loved by many women of style, it is safe to say blue is now the new black because it is found in almost everyone’s wardrobe. The great thing about this colour is that it suits absolutely everything.

Blue is a colour that is full of vitality; blue dress never goes wrong, but the fact is that, being such a special colour, women sometimes worry about what to wear it with unknown to them that the simple trick is to be creative with accessories and wear the colour with confidence.Blue is a classic colour that suits almost every hue, starting from black to beige-brown, including bright green, red, pink, yellow and violet.

The colour blocking plays one of the major roles, so keep your eyes on this voguish combination. The best way to style your blue ensemble is to try it on with golden jewellery and accessories, including belts and golden hue shoes.

Try to choose those hues and shades that suit your skin; blue is a colour that is full of personality, so it is best to avoid mixing it with other very bright colours. You can opt for strong shades, but only if you limit them to a specific and secondary part of your outfit. For example, a touch of yellow can work.

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