Create strong emotions through purple interiors



Purple is a colour that gives out a sophisticated vibe and brings out the luxury in a room. It’s also a colour that stimulates creativity and creates a pleasant ambience.

Since earliest times, purple has been associated with royalty. It was the favorite hue of aristocrats, who obtained it by combining blue and red. At the time, purple was very expensive, since it appeared very rarely in the nature.

Still, people used to do the impossible to get it, because it conveyed their powerful and contemplative messages. As such, purple can evoke many strong emotions. It is an intriguing mix of passionate red and reliable blue, which can certainly affect our mood. However, its strong temper can be easily manipulated through shade adjustment and combination with other colours.

There are numerous different shades of purple to choose from such as lilac, iris, mauve, violet, lavender or heather. You can select the one you like best or combine them however you like. Purple seems to be a lucky colour and people think it is usually used for girls rooms, but this is a wrong perception.

Decorating with purple is simply breathtaking and a trial will change your mind about purple room design and teach you that the colour purple should not be hidden just in bedrooms; it’s a good choice even for kitchens, living rooms or bathrooms.

Purple absorbs light. Hence, mirrored furniture not only does justice to the colour but also adds to its richness. Again, the reflections from the mirrors let the room look adequately lit.

  • Purple looks beautiful when combined with white and gray, so consider these two colors when decorating the bedroom.
  • If you choose furniture in a colour that matches the walls, purple in this case, then the room will get a bold and vibrant look while staying simple.
  • You can use a more intense shade of purple to give the bedroom a sophisticated and dramatic look. However, this look usually only works for rooms with large windows or glass walls.
  • It’s important to try to create a harmonious décor for the room.So if you’re using a darker shade of purple on the walls, pair itwith light colours, neutrals and warm tones for a balanced look.

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