NANF threatens to drag LMC to court

National Association of Nigerian Footballers has initiated move to prosecute the League Management Company over what it described as fraudulent incorporation and dubious 99-year licence to run the Nigerian league.

One of the founding fathers and president of NANF, Harrison Jalla, denounced the fraud perpetrated by the Nigeria Football Federation under Alhaji Aminu Maigari who granted the licence to people believed to be his friends. “NANF has petitioned the EFCC over the activities of the LMC,” Jalla said.

“NANF petitioned the EFCC on two solid grounds” “NANF is seeking to recover over $2m and over N2bn in undisclosed sponsorship deals which have been wasted by the league body. It is important to note that the NANF actions are not targeted at the LMC, It cuts across board, including clubs, the NFF, marketing consultants and others,” he said Jalla has been under intense pressure to back out from pursuing the case.

“I don’t know about pressure but nothing can make NANF to sacrifice the future of Nigerian players on the altar of personal gains,” he said. “NANF is the petitioner in all the cases and NANF is eager to press criminal charges against anybody found culpable.”

Jalla is disturbed that the LMC has failed to disclose all the sponsorship monies from Supersport, Nigerian Brewery and others while the administrators live in affluence at the expense of the players who travel by road twice in a week to honour matches.

He also want the EFCC to look critically into the documents that gave the league to the LMC for 99 years alleging that in one breath Maigari signed as football administrator and in another he signed as NFA chairman.

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