Sultry night date looks

Keeping the fire alive in relationships is not so easy and yet quite easy.

I know that sounds really confusing, but you need to find a tricky balance for your relationship to run smoothly like a well oiled machine.

They say it takes work and I quite agree with that.

You have to find grounds of common interests and build on those.

That way, many issues pale away in comparison to the things you share already.

So, one of such tools to find said common ground is finding the time to be together, dress up for each other and try to seduce each other all over again.

Kind of like replaying the atmosphere from when you were newly dating.

So you have to take care with how you like just the way you did back then…both of you.

For the ladies, this should be pretty easy already, choose one of your favourite silhouettes and with a pair of heels, nicely done makeup and hair and a dab of perfume, you should be irresistible…at the very least.

Keep that up every few weeks and watch

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