Digital library in Lagos

Since the introduction of the internet service in Nigeria, there has been a lot of development in every sector- businesses, organizations, occupations, fields, disciplines, professions and many more.

So many individuals and groups have been able to carry their daily activities with ease; so many transactions are carried out within a twinkle of an eye. There have also been so many business negotiations, shopping and swindling, all through the internet.

On the positive side, life becomes so much easier with the advantage of internet that even the educational sector has embraced it and taken advantage of it to its fullness. The Lagos State government has just made the state educational sector easier for students in the state by recently introducing Digital Library.

Tagged ‘Educate Lagos’, it is a project aimed at making learning easier for both primary and secondary school students. It is actually initiated to enable students, pupils, even parents to have access to most of the books online.

Since most students have become addicted to internet nowadays, the state government decided to help the pupils through the internet to access their educational materials online. It is also a programme that helps teachers acquire additional knowledge about the materials and get latest information about anything that has to do with books for the pupils.

According to the state government, it is a project that helps parents, who are not financially buoyant to meet all the books required of their children in schools as these books have been put online for free.

Despite the loftiness of this new development within the state educational sector, a survey by New Telegraph revealed that, so many people- parents, students and teachers, are yet to be aware of the great innovation as teachers. Adedayo Festus, a student of Royal Crown Secondary School, told New Telegraph that, he has never heard anything about the digital library. He said: “I have not heard anything like that and I don’t know anything about it.”

Adeagbo Segun of the Ogunsanwo Memorial College, said: “This is my first time of hearing about digital library. I have never heard of it and I don’t even understand anything about it.”

Bello Rachael, a student of Guaranty High School, who expressed shock, explained that, she heard some persons around her area talking about it while she was going on an errand for her mother but she really doesn’t understand what they were talking about and that was the first time she heard about it. Most parents and teachers are also not aware of the new development.

They don’t even understand what the project is all about. Mrs Folorunsho Rebecca, a fashion designer and a mother of two children, told New Telegraph that she has never heard of something like that and she doesn’t even know what it means. “

But going by your explanation, I am not too sure it’s feasible project, my dear. It is another empty promise of the government,” she said. Also, Mr Benson, an engineer and a father of three, said that he does not know anything called digital library.

Speaking to some of the teachers, Favour Aisabokhale, a teacher at first African Baptist Church, explained that she has heard about it but really don’t understand what the concept is all about. “Honestly, I don’t understand what the digital library entails and how it’s going to operate. I just pray it is not another political saying.”

At a one day induction course for Npower teachers corps at Blue Roof, LTV 8, Agindingbi, Ikeja last week, most of the teachers were honest enough to reveal the fact that they are yet to embrace the digital library.

Mr Agranpe Semako Michael, the principal of Ogunsanwo Memorial College, said he became partially informed about it through an advertorial in a newspaper but he said he really does not understand what the concept is really about, what and who it is mainly for, the purpose of it to the students and how it will be implemented in schools.

“We still need to understand what the concept digital library is all about, how to access the site, how to make use of the materials in the site and how will the project be implemented in schools,” he said.

It is a bit different with Mrs Olasunmade, Proprietress of Brigades School. She is aware of the project ‘Educate Lagos,’ digital library and she understands the concept very well. According to her, the concept is good and it is going to be a welcome development in the educational sector.

She said: “I think it is going to be an additional way of learning for the teachers and the pupils and it will not hinder the physical purchase of book for the pupils, as students will still continue to bring their books as normal and can go to online to get additional information.”

Corroborating, Mrs Olasunmade was Mr. Durojaiye, a secretary, who said that he has heard about it and he is really impressed with the development of the Lagos State government in the educational sector as this will not be beneficial to only the teachers, pupils and schools, but to the adults and parents as well. Mr Ogundeji, Public Relation Officer of the Lagos State, Ministry of Education, said that, the information was not under his purview.

He said that it is under the purview of the Special Adviser to the governor on Education and every effort by New Telegraph to speak to the Public Relations Officer of Special Adviser to Governor on Education proved abortive.

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